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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Week of the Month...Hoppin' to it...

Hi everyone. I had to run Mom1 to her Gen Practice Physician to reveiw some lab results - she's been a bad girl sneaking food she shouldn't have and her potassium and phosphate readings are on the bad side. But as soon as he said atrial fib and heart attack that really squinched her hard headed ass. At least I can stop nagging her about putting down those kettle chips.

If the current conditions of things don't make you want to put up a get lost bag and first aid kit I dunno what's wrong with you: floods through the heartland, chicken farms lost, cattle ranches lost, hundreds of thousands of acres of crops lost, catfish and southern shrimping lost, lives lost, more lives lost, Minneapolis, Kansas and Oklahoma busted with tornadoes, even more lives lost on top of lives unaccounted for, Iceland volcano blowing again and possibly 10-100x more than 2 years ago, floods and landslides in Malaysia, super typhoons and persistent groupings of earthquakes in the Asian ring of you want me to go on? I can. It doesn't make me scared or sad - what it does make me is more motivated to insulate myself.

Please people - do something, do anything, don't just lay there and take it.

Last night I finished JD's quick and easy first aid kit and gave it to him with specific instructions of 4 more things he needed to buy and it would be complete.

Yesterday was the first day of the Walgreen's ad. If you didn't know their ads start on Sundays. What you see here is Cantu hair products. This stuff is exceptionally good for Mr. Man's hair, it has also almost doubled in price - it ranges from 3.99 to 5.99 around town if they even have it at all. Well I noticed the ad said 4.99 with a $4 in store rebate. So at first the girl was acting crazy and said 1 purchase per person per day - yeah right. I told her to call her manager coz he knew me and she said oh that's fine.

The girl stuff was only 99cents on sale.

The Altoids were only $1 a tin with coupon and I know sometimes they are cheaper but we want to make a bunch of mini EDC things for us and our friends so we need those tins - we might even make a couple baby rocket stoves.

The plastic cutlery is on clearance at 25 cents a packet from the regular 99 cents.

The straws were also 25 cents down from a buck...

I also picked up some spoons at the same price of 25 cents each.

Right before we headed home I decided to stop at Dollar General for some Excedrin and at 99 cent only to pick up some spinach and whatnot. Turns out they had some super good deals: DG had 100% apple cider vinegar for $1 and Louisiana hot sauce for 67 cents, droppers for $1 and temp tooth filling (for 8 teeth) @ $2. The 99C only had salmon, organic beans and turkey all at 99 cents.

Yeah you heard me.

Another lady said OMG 1 lb turkey for less than a dollar - i said it expires next month - she said Freeze it honey - and handed me 5 lol. Fortunately for me everyone here loves Turkey breast and I have to admit Oscar Meyer does make good sandwich slices - not great but definitely good.

This was my best buy of the day 14.75oz sockeye red salmon. 99 cents each. yeah you heard me. The expiration is 12/2014. I was just going to get 5 or so and Mom1 said take them all - that's alaskan sockeye red. She tried one as soon as we got home and she gave it a thumbs up - tastes much better than the chicken of the sea one and less salty.

20 cans today - and tomorrow we will look for 20 more. I think I created a closet prepper.

So after I got Mom to the lab and back and dropped a few bags of stuff to the donation place (woo hoo tax deduction)...

I picked up more Cantu stuff and for some reason 1 of my $4 buck rebate coupons didn't come out - well the girl called the manager and she did some goofy thing and was supposed to give me back a coupon and she rang it and I owed her $1.28 and then she handed me the receipt and the rebate - then as i was grabbing my bag she put another receipt in the bag. When I got home it was another $4 rebate.

Just in case anyone thinks I'm bullshitting here's the receipts and rebates before I go spend them. Those hair products ended up being 33 cents each instead of the 99 cent sale price or the 4.99 regular price. How you like that?

The raisins were 1.99 a lb and the girl stuff was again 99 cents.

Here is a closer shot of the Dentek and droppers, I've also started picking up L'oreal HIP products for $1 when I can in neutral colors as I may have to trade them later - mind you the value on these is like 8 bucks a piece. Afro came home from the dentist yesterday with a freebie toothpaste and dental floss to throw in the it - and We needed some dice($1) to play Yahtzee in case SHTF. My hack optometrist told me i might need bifocals with my contacts since my eyes are strained from school. I picked up some just in case the hack might be right.

At the suggestion of my chat room guru I picked up a pair of moisture meters for the raised beds so I can stop guessing. They ended up only being 3.99 a piece at this store called Tuesday Morning next to Jo-Ann's.

While at Tuesday Morning I saw this toy on clearance for $1.19 actually - just a little something for Mr. mans Desk - now I just have to find Abe Lincoln figurine and it's a deal. It's the little things and the big things that are the sum of all things - so get your asses out there and do something you will feel better I promise.


  1. william barentineMay 25, 2011 at 12:40 AM

    I gotta ask..
    Where are you putting all of this?
    I know we spent a lot on those plastic totes to keep things separated and all, and eventually even the totes got so heavy tht when we stacked them only 5 high, they crushed the lower one's lids!
    We managed to fill 2 mobile homes to the point we had to walk sideways...Plus we had an patio/addition of 400 sq. ft. we had filled to the ceiling of 8 feet high.
    Soon it gets unruly!
    Keep on keepin' on!

  2. lol around the house my friend...Unruly is a frightening reality that I may have to face someday but fortunately not right now

  3. Awesome hauls woman! We are collecting stuff and putting it everywhere in the house too. I just lined the back of the sink cabinets with toliet paper, 1 roll deep 4 high. It takes up less space than leaving it in the 12 pack.

    What container did you use to make the first aid kit? Did you follow a list somewhere? And, did it include a small bottle of iodine?

    I found altoids at my Costco in a bulk pack making them .75 each.

  4. @cK: the container is an accesory box from Big Lots and came in at a whopping 2 bucks. The kit does not include a bottle of iodine but it does have 10 iodine wipes. This is a kit for our friend who gives us 20 bucks a week to do throw him into our preps or pick up some prep shopping for him.