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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Haulin' It, week 3 may.

Goodness Gracious I'm burnt OUT! Truth be told I've been buying a little less food preps this time around and taking care of non food preps. In uploading the pics this time I noticed that I've been lagging on taking pics of the preps...we've been making moves in terms of gardening stuff, light bulbs, ammo, toiletries and that sort of thing.

Only you can gauge what you need. Never think that I'm not making food preps in one way or another even if it means buying stuff to make food. It's like there's a weird lull right now where meat and such seems affordable and that makes me nervous because that means that the price is bound to go up. Until that happens I'm going to keep going...

Everything on this pic was 99cents. The tang is pineapple flavor 10 packs which will flavor 10 quarts - with no high fructose corn crap. 9 pkgs of beef sausage, jumbo popsicle sticks for the garden, California condensed milk, German mustard, 5 boxes of 100 bag green tea, 2 ea Aim toothpaste and mouthwash (no fluoride), tanimura and antle 3 head romaine lettuce - the total including tax about $27.50

I ran by biglots to get some of their Australian breakfast blend coffee (3.50 for a pound and a half) - it is not the gourmet crap i drink - but it's good enough for everyday and i alternate between that and the good stuff Mom2 raised. I happen to chance on these del monte cling peaches in water - 80 cents each. so 3 lbs coffee and 1 doz canned peaches: $16.90

While there I also picked up 2 pkgs of "hamburger helper"(50c ea) and 3 large bottles of chili powder (1.50 ea),both expire 2016...all that was $5.50

I found a 10 gallon bucket for $6 , a tomato planter (for August) at $4 and 10 bottles of Fuze for $5. I will be using the blue half barrel strictly for ginger, and I save the bottles from the Fuze drinks because they are very clear and hard in case we have to UV sanitize our water. - so all that for a whopping $15.

Lucky me, Braeburn apples were 3lbs for $1 again....I picked up another 13lbs and made 10 pints of cinnamon apples.

13lbs of apples: $2.28

So in walking around the most huge Food City I've ever seen I found a "new" product. Soupless Ramen...5 for $1. I will just test these out and see if they are any good. If they have a good texture and flavor I'll pick up another 15 or so.

A couple days ago I had to take Mom2 to the Filipino Market and right next to it was a Big me and the 2 moms went in there. Turns out I had a 20% off coupon attached to my membership card with fake name and address.

The crab meat was only $1.22 a can - this would be okay to make crab cakes if i cut it with white beans or garbanzos and make it semi vegetarian.

The deni bags are similar to the vac seal bags for the food saver - 3 rolls for $4 and the zip ties ended up being $4 after discount.

I am building our friend a miniature first aid kit - so I ended up getting the clear box underneath for only 2 bucks and the rest of the stuff was only $1. Everything was about $7.

Mr. Man and I stopped to get something at Walgreen's on the way home and I spied these on clearance for 12.99. But they rang up at 35.80 and I said no they are on clearance for 12.99 well I dunno if it's because those 2 guys are always making jokes with Mr. Man or what but they only charged us $12.

And don't start talking shit about how the one with the ventilator thing is better and blah blah. Look it's on sale and it's the backup. If you are so flush then send me a case of your shit.

Safeway had a sale on the beef. $1.67/lb and very little waste. I picked up 10 1/2 lbs. That made 10 pints canned. The canned ham was only 1.99 each and the ground chili flakes were only .62cents. Yeah you heard me.

I also picked up 15 light bulbs (75 watt) for $3.75. 4 sharpening stones for $1

Total $28.07

I think I will pick up another 20 or 30 lbs of beef tomorrow and have them grind half of it so I will have something to can.

90 beef sausages = 6 pints canned
10.5 lbs beef = 10 pints canned

Per usual, I take off the lids, wash them thoroughly in soapy water and dry. Then i take the non scratch Mr. clean scrubber and wash the edge of the lids to get rid of deterioration and sanitize it. Then I dry everything put the lid back and put it away.

I do this everytime- I just wanna be clear this time. I do not like yuckies and I'm pretty anal retentive about stuff - and I've heard people tell their horror stories so I've been keeping it clean from the beginning.

I don't really have a use for this stuff - but it was 2.50 for 6 feet of blackout shades. Used to be 18 bucks. I figure it wouldn't hurt to have it.

I picked up another 4 cases of pint jars. And as the other day I already ripped through half of them. Unbelievable. You notice I have mostly Kerr Jars - it doesn't matter. Some people say oh Kerr doesn't seal as well as Ball and all this bullshit - hey guess what, I did my homework - Ball acquired Kerr and the production is the same glass. LOL - their cheaper line is called something else. Welcome to the new school.

Even the boxes look the same just different name and liner color.


So this is what we have so far 11 cases of assorted goodness. 6 cases of pints and 5 cases of quarts. That is only since March 20th. For those who are just learning to can - don't be is just a little tiring to line everything up but while the canner is hissing it leaves you a bit of time to relax or do more stuff while you wait. Do what you like just do SOMETHING.

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