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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ghetto Garden Update: end of May 2011

Ghetto Garden Update...end of We've been farting around with germinating seeds for almost 6 months now. And it's slow going due to the learning curve and a dog that just seems to love eating seedlings...

We had a plastic barrier for a couple days but the winds have been strong lately and for this time of year the strongest they have been in the 10 years I've lived here. Regardless - the U of Az planting guide says we still have plenty of time for beans, cucumber, and melon. So we're just letting them grow. Mr. Man put in this wire fencing type stuff -it's not chicken wire but it's called something else. If it keeps the dog so be it - if it doesn't then it doesn't.

I'm sure everyone has some advice feel free to give it - I know some of them are fried and I know some of them are planted haphazardly. I know that square foot gardening is also an option and we have thousands of yards of cotton twine to do it. I know that the tomatoes probably won't make it since it's warming up but I just didn't have the heart to kill the only seedlings that made it. I know that I don't even give a shit - so give your advice and I'll give it back. Truth be told I'm fed up with the garden and I have moments I want to put bbq fluid on it and burn that mofo down...but I won't - coz the Mr. is determined and I won't pee on his parade.

So here's the overall view - He put the metal re-bar or whatever down about 8 inches and then linked the wire crap to each thing. I believe it was around 30 ft worth of wire.

Small Bed...butternut squash, cantaloupe, green beans (contender) and the determined tomato plants and red sweet pepper.

It's on the hot side of the bed it's fried but somehow continues to grow - it is what it is. But 3 of the backups are already peeping through.

This cantaloupe is freakishly strong - we put a wire divider between it so it has something to climb.

There is another stubborn tomato plant alongside the 3 squash. Since they were seedlings one of those squash plants has always been on the yellow side - I'm thinking of just yanking it.

These are what's left of the dog eating the bigger cucumber seedlings. 13 new seedlings. 4 armenian, 5 carolina, and 4 of some other kind of cucumber I put in there. the 7 bigger ones in the white pots were from weeks ago - zuchinni I think. I have no idea where to put them since I'm told putting them near armenians will cause them to become weirdos.

This is all chili and green beans of different varieties...*shrugs* we'll see.

This is some black squash that I sectioned off with rocks away from the other stuff. There used to be like 5 in there until the dog got to it.

Okra...It doesn't look like it but there's actually 3 seedlings...the dog got those too.

Tobacco and something else.

*shrugs again*

Another stubborn little tomato and his 2 brothers,

Some green beans and chili that finally decided to join the party.

Maybe I should get out of town for a bit then this can all be fun again. LOL.

I hope all of your gardens are doing better than mine.

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