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Monday, May 16, 2011

This ain't no game...

Life ain't no game anymore. I'm getting a bit fed up with the general situation of things and the things going on in the world. I've also found this new thing among youtubers and prepper type folks - it's this ongoing game of I've got this and I've got that and it seems to be a game to some people it's not a game. It's not great that the world is falling apart and it's not great that our government is supposedly expressing humanitarian effort when over 1 million Americans admit to food insecurity (eating maybe ONE meal per day) and 800 thousand Americans are obese - at least the ones who go to the doctor. And DON'T make me talk about the 45 million plus people who are on food stamps. This is the thing that people don't think about when it comes to food stamps - sure those people are getting free food - but consider this, at the rate that food cost is going up they are getting a lot less for the food stamp buck.

Then there are the youtubers - everyone's a damn expert. Look, even as long as I've been in the cooking game I still am learning a lot. I switched the nature of my blog to prepping to get the message to people and Mr. Man does his thing on youtube to reach people. But it never fails there always has to be one troll or one schmarmy ass smart-ass who always has a suggestion of a "better" way of doing things. See he is much more tolerant of such criticisms being an athlete and good natured and all that. Me? I don't play that shit. If you are so damn good at what you do then make a video and help all of us out. If you believe that you are so damn fantastic at your prepping show me what you got. Right. That's what I thought. Whatever.

Anyway I don't believe half of what people say because the numbers simply don't jive. But if it makes you feel better to bullshit me that's okay too. And please please please stop pushing ready to buy freeze dried or ready to eat crap on me. It ain't me ok. Another thing...don't tell us to buy organic this and non gmo that and blah blah yada yada...we all know that you have NOT been eating organic non GMO food your whole life and stop making this final crusade to be a food purist when times are tough and at this point volume is much more crucial than quality. Stop Fakin that shit.

Fake non GMO people are even worse than people who willingly grow that shit and sell it.
Mofo please.

This was Mr. Man's lunch yesterday. I know what you are saying is wow that's 2 lunches - no it's his breakfast and lunch. Skirt steak grilled then sauteed with onions topped with bellpepper and asparagus. A lean burger with cheese on flatbread, cucumber, lettuce and tomato on the side. You could pretty much make all of that from preps as long as you has some veggies dehydrated and some wheat and rice. The burger could be made with beans and canned ground chuck or dried chuck.

I started canning about March 20th. So about 7 or 8 weeks right. This is what I have put up so far - 5 quart cases and 3.5 pint cases - really that should be 4 pint cases but I gave some away. Happily I might add since the girl I gave it to actually now started putting up food and gardening.

But over 100 jars of food ready to go. I think about 3 bottles did not seal right - and more than a few bottles disappeared from eating lol.

Truth be told I never thought I would go through my stacks of empty jars and next thing I knew I needed more.

It is a combination of meat, veggies and preserves. I do not overdo any one thing when it comes to canning. Because preserves are certainly not eaten as much as veggies and meat are. I've heard some people say they are just giving up meat because it will be unavailable when SHTF that just doesn't make sense to me. Why not make it while you can and give it up when you have to. Unless you just like quitting.

It's kind of gratifying to look at your rows of canned stuff that you made with your own hands. It's also nice to know that you have chicken and beef and veggies at your disposal.

Be careful when you get started doing this stuff - it is very addicting. I had 10 cases of jars and thought I was doing something - next thing you know you are all out of jars. I think I will have to just pick up a case everytime I go to the store.

Oh and I know I don't have to leave the lids on there - I just leave them there because a case of jars comes with a lid and cap. I also store extra lids and caps since tattlers are NOT in my budget right now.

The other night there was still a lot of corn left, bellpepper, jalapeno and such. So I made a full batch of various vegetables. I've decided that no matter what I am going to do a full batch of canned stuff even if I have to yank something out of the fridge to do it. It is simply a matter of not wasting my effort. Because when I first started I used to just 3 or 4 jars because "that's all i had" more.

That dark jar on the right is a cinnamon apple base for cakes or pancakes. I didn't like the quality of the braeburns my sister got so I made it into something more pulpy that you could mix with fresh apples for cakes or pies.

Ground Chuck and Flank was on sale again. So stuff the fridge...

...and can the rest. Some might ask why am I canning beef when I can dehydrate it. I am going to can because I can, it's easier on the house than an oven right now and because water is a big challenge here in the desert. Given the choice to rehydrate meat with my water or make rice with it - I would rather make the rice and pop open the meat.

I cooked about 8 lbs or so...seasoned it with a touch of salt, pepper, garlic powder.

Followed the directions in the blueball book, added a tbsp of red chili flakes and topped off with beef broth.

8+ pounds of lean ground makes about 5 quarts of goodness lol.

the old fashioned oats were on sale this week at .69 cents a lb. That's a steal - especially when you look at the price of quaker oats in the store. So I picked up 20lbs of it.

I picked this cupcake thing for under 2 bucks - just a fun little thing for making different kind of cupcake things for kids both big and small. Regularly this thing is like 15 bucks.

I also picked up this stackable cookie rack that is good for both cookies and bread since mine are looking really beat. The little cutting board is for the bail bag and the candles were only a quarter a piece. Mr. Man is always telling me we need candles - I'm like we already have 2 cases how many more do we need. lol.

Just get out there and do something. Do something every moment you've got - because I just get the feeling that time is short. Don't let others detract or distract you from doing what you need to do. Most of all, beware of telling people they aren't doing stuff right or calling them hypocrites for certain behavior - before you tell me my ass stinks - be sure you wipe your own.


  1. I am a HUGE fan. Love your no bull attitude, and above all, congrats on your canning. Great job.

    I know what you mean about being addictive. I started in spring of 2009, and have seriously about 2000 jars. I didn't buy even a fraction of those retail. Thrift shops, word of mouth, estate sales, and I even made flyers on the computer and handed them out. Got 350 jars that way.

    I have turned a bedroom into a pantry now. There are pictures at my blog, Search for "pantry shelves" if you want to.

    I used $2 2x4's and cheap plywood. All the shelves cost less than $100 and I spread it out over almost a year. Before I did that, I had wire cubes hooked together like tinker toys. Storage is a problem, but not an insurmountable one. Good luck !

  2. Great post! Your blog gives me encouragement to keep going for sure!

  3. A word of advice. After your done canning remove the rings. Once the seal has been made the rings aren't needed anymore. Sometimes they rust which makes them a real pain to get back off. I have even had rings rust and it eventually broke the seal of the flat!

  4. @Kris: I aspire to have thousands of jars :)
    @Periz: I am encouraged by you as well!
    @Micah: I'm really anal retentive - I took off all the lids - washed them in hot soapy water and wiped off all the jars with hot soapy dishtowels then a plain hot washed dishtowel.

  5. Hey SheChef. I can understand your frustration. I have been on the internet for a very long time and if there is one thing I learned it is to go by one of the 'Rules of the Internet'. That one is 'Never take anything too seriously on the internet.' That one rule has saved me a lot of problems. The rest of The Rules are just funny, but that one has been helpful, and they are a fun read too. XD

  6. william barentineMay 22, 2011 at 2:08 AM

    Keep up the great job!
    Hopefully things will allow "us" to get everything "arranged" in time, before the lid blows off the country!
    Lots to do, so little time, and money is so dang tight, BUT, somehow, someway, this will ALL work out!
    (ps) GREAT ADVICE!!!
    "Just get out there and do something. Do something every moment you've got - because I just get the feeling that time is short. Don't let others detract or distract you from doing what you need to do. Most of all, beware of telling people they aren't doing stuff right or calling them hypocrites for certain behavior - before you tell me my ass stinks - be sure you wipe your own."