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Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Get on my Last Nerve. haha.

This is R rated and full of F bombs and don't continue reading if you don't like that stuff.

So this morning I get up and make a cup of coffee and start to walk outside to check on my plants. I noticed the little barrier is lifted and inspect it - and what do you know - the lab Pitt has got into the big bed and ate 2 of the cucumber seedlings. So I guess that this will be my FIFTH planting. Ridiculous. Well right off the bat Mom2 was like oh no she's in trouble and Mom1 was like well we didn't let them out. I said someone did, she said Mr. Man did and I said Mr. Man would not leave them out there unsupervised because like me he's also pissed off the dog keeps eating plants. I told her I bet you anything my sister did it...she was all vehement from the beginning and said no she did not. I was like oh yeah we'll see - so I text both my sister and Mr.Man and asked did you leave the dog outside unsupervised.

Mr. Man : "i took her outside but she only laid by the pool, i kept an eye on her"
Sister: "only for a minute, i had to pee - ohhh did she eat something in the garden?"


Unbelievable. You'd think her fuckin ass would want me to grow some FOOD as BIG as her Damn ass is - whatever. So i told Mom1 to stop defending her lame ass because she's been doing lame things since birth and we should just accept her lameness and not assume any non-lame behavior. I also advised them that each time the dog causes damage that was avoidable I will cause equivalent damage in exchange. I have tried reason - now I will have to be unreasonable.

Well I went to vent in the Preppers chat and was speaking in the most general of terms and this one dude who I thought was "ok" said some smart ass SHIT like "word of the day - dysfunctional..." LMFAO - yeah really? so I asked - oh I'm dysfunctional? He said,"your whole family is dysfunctional.." Well one of the few cool guys in there was like we are just talking...yeah exactly - we are just talking - meaning blowing off steam.

First of all - don't sit on your fucking high horse like you love church and people and all this shit - I ain't buying that. Second of all - keep my family out of your fuckin mouth coz you don't even TALK about any extended family so your sad lonely busted broke ass can shut your piehole. Man I don't like that shit - GROWN ASS MAN says some sideways shit and then ghosts out - unravel your fallopian tubes you little bitch.

This is the thing: I've been seeing snide sideways comments not just directed towards me but directed towards others...and it's bullshit --- don't act like you are all Mr. damn Helpful to the community and then say some negative backhanded comments like you are the GURU of this Godforsaken planet. Kiss my Croissant colored ass. I was trying to think about some bullshit he said to me a couple weeks ago when I was talking about keeping a tight eye on my budget and needing more preps and he said something to the effect of,"I doubt with your family's paycheck that you will be suffering much..." Say what you mean BITCH. Or just fuckin boo hoo in your little space and be Mr. tough guy on your computer. Look - I buy my own shit, earn my own shit, and have consistently earned my own shit. i COULD sit on my ass if i wanted to, but I'm not gonna roll over like some Amsterdam Hooker and take it from anyone. It's not your place to say who IS or IS NOT going to suffer. Spare me your contemptuous paternalistic bullshit.

Whatever *rolls eyes*

Oh what's wrong - I'm not broke enough to be a prepper? I'm not unhealthy enough to be a prepper? I haven't been screwed over enough to be a prepper? Oh no one has ever shot at me or tried to kill me so I just ain't prepper enough? I paid off my shit so I can't possibly be a prepper? I pick up things very easily and run with it and God Forbid I've done MORE in 6 months than most people can't do in a year. Unlike most people who are so concerned about being NICE - I am concerned about being TRUTHFUL even if it can be moderately uncomfortable and at times the cause of extreme discomfort. Funny Shit.

Pathetic people. I'm venting...but I also know my senses aren't wrong when I feel that they are trying to say some backhanded shit to me. I'm also not a fake ass crybaby bitch who has to clown on people to feel better about myself. I know what I have going on materially and intangibly and frankly clowns ain't shit. I've seen 90% of the country I was born in and traipsed all around Europe and Asia at a level which most people will never do.

Times may be shitty now - but I know it is a world worth living in and I'd like to see how things go after the world changes - which is why I am a person who keeps going. I don't prep coz I'm scared to go hungry or because some freak-boy says the world is going to end. I prep so that I am not reliant on others in case of an emergency, so I'm not 'stunned' by this ongoing inflation, and to ensure that we will continue to THRIVE, to contribute and to share our blessings.

After my little outburst this morning Mom2 said - you should go looking for preps - that always makes you feel better. So I popped in the shower and got out of the house for a bit.

Um..I really wanted some rice - but there weren't any good prices anywhere and we still have 50 active pounds in the kitchen for everyday eats so no worries. I don't cook food when I'm annoyed so buying 20 lbs of any kind of protein was out. The only thing I could think of was jars -

I checked out the coupons on my desk and found 2 - 1 for 10 bucks off of 50 and an additional 5 of of 50 and 10% off 1 item.

Three cases of pint wide mouths was $33.12. Three boxes of the elite pint wide mouths was about $14.52 (kind of pricey I know but I don't come across them very often and I think it's a nicer shape for jams and jellies). I also picked up a few packs of chicken breasts at 97 cents a lb The total was 53.70. The coupons gave me $16.10 off. That made a case of jars $7.89 a piece - that is $1.24 cheaper than Walmart...

I really like these jars - the elite shape - I also have a case of them put up in the half pint size - the best thing about the elite shape is they also come in wide mouth! WooHoo.

We stopped at the 99cent only just to check for that red sockeye salmon (avg retail is 6.50 a can) but they didn't have any. But I did score 2 large bags of whole oregano, asparagus, pectin, 2 black food coloring and 4 tiny artichokes - $13.76

We stopped at the El Super grocer next door for jalapenos and cilantro and noticed they had ENAMELED tortilla presses. I've really been wanting one of these in wood from my fave lunch spot La Tolteca in downtown Phoenix but El Super had these for like 12.50. After you factor in gas for the other place they both come in at the same price.

Thank goodness I can stop rolling mine by hand.

On the way home Mom1 said don't you have Walgreen's coupons still? I said yeah - 8 bucks - Haha. I went and looked at the ad and there really wasn't anything that we needed and they only had 1 leave in conditioner left. So i grabbed the buy 1 get 1 Shea Butter petroleum, 2 Jergens with 2 bucks off and one for half price. I walked out with 27 bucks worth of stuff for $1.82.

How you like them apples?


  1. Hang in there girlie!

    WTG on the ENAMELED tortilla press! I'm envious. I've only found the aluminum ones so far. Even with the craziness of the garden you pushed forward and made it productive. Very nice.

    We're all in this together..

  2. You would love some of the stores in this state. Where I am antiques malls that are just booths owned by people, like a constant yard sell. They have all kinds of kitchen things.

  3. @cK: you will probably find it when you least expect it - I really just went in that store for jalapenos and cilantro - that's the cool thing about living in places like AZ and TX you will always chance upon something.

    @Stealth: you are right - I would bring my cup of coffee and just pick through that stuff...maybe you can take pics so my envy will be complete :)