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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Barrel Cactus...want some?

I didn't go to bed until about 230am last night because I was canning beef. Before I went to bed I went outside to check out the ghetto garden and made sure everything was okay. I woke up this morning around 8am and went outside and noticed that the dog (only our labpitt) got to the green beans - the yellow long bean. I'm fed up - it really just put me on edge coz it took all i had not to shoot the little hooker.

So I put i 2 more pints of beef and 6 pints of beef sausage (about 90 links) in the canner and went outside - there really wasn't much for me to do after putting in more seeds plus basil and water it down and glare at the dog - so I picked up the 30 seed pods from the barrel cactus and cleaned the seeds; I gave 1 bag to Mom2 to add to her decorative plants and keep the bigger animals out of the main area. Which means I have a TON. So...
Well if anyone would like some cactus seeds for houseplants or whatever - just let me know and i'd be more than glad to mail you plenty. I hear they take a long time - but when SHTF what else we gonna do?
Gotta run - I have 12 -13 lbs of apples to can into cinnamon apples.
Keep preppin and I will have another preps blog tonight.

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