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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ghetto Garden Update, week 3 May

Thpthhh I don't even know what to say - it's becoming this love hate thing with the ghetto garden. I keep an eye on it and things progress and it feels like everytime I go in the yard I just can't sit there and enjoy it I have to poke or prod or mix something...But it's necessary and we have to learn because this is a vital skill that people should learn.

I think I just finally got turned off because our lab-pitt ate a BUNCH of plants - all of the armenian cucumber, almost all the carolina cucumber plants, half the green bean plants, wrestled the remaining green bean plants, ate 3 of 4 black squash plants and chewed up like 8 butternut squash leaves. That's the 4th time our seedlings died/got killed.

6 of 12 seedlings made it but they are super slow. I don't know why...but also under one of the plants in the black pots there are 5 new seedlings lol - go figure

Here are some closeups at high noon.

That's butternut squash - the middle one made it, she's a little slow but she's coming to the party

Here's some tomato plant - i dunno what kind...It was hiding under the squash plant. Everyone keeps sayin oh don't put that close to the squash it will get at the time i moved the plants it was just sitting there and i didn't want to risk killing it Ohhh Kaaaay.

This is the canteloupe plant that survived getting chewed on by our dog. I transplanted them last week and they seem to really like it in there.

Those are green beans to the left - they started turning yellow in the last 2 days. I dunno why maybe i'm a bit of a spazz with the watering.

I'm told this is some kind of tomato plant - I thought it was in a pot that said peppers. This was an accident too I wasn't trying to raise these jokers lol. I was trying to raise those red sweet peppers towards the front of the picture though.

This is a side view of the mystery tomato plant.

This is the long view of the larger of the 2 raised beds. It is completely naked - missing almost all of it's plants

These are the 2 NUBS left from the Armenian Cucumber. Seriously it makes me feel violent when I think about that dog chewing up my plants. I was in the shower exactly 22 minutes and she caused damage that quick. Then 1 morning someone let her out for 10 minutes and she got the rest of them.

But I guess they look all right so far. And if they die oh well I can plant a few more things - and if not just wait until August to start all over again.

Nice and Green...and yellow kind of LOL.

There's Mr. Man looking at where to put the stakes, he's building a pullshade fence type thing to keep the dogs out. It's nice to be with someone who not only loves me but is not afraid to work.

Lucky me.

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