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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canned Chicken, Chicken Broth, Salsa & Funkaceous Earth

Well..I haven't really canned anything since the 22nd so I asked Mr. Man to stop by Basha's (local grocery store) to pick up some boneless skinless chicken breast ($1.67/lb) and if he could also stop by Food City for roma tomatoes (4lbs/$1) and jalapenos (4lbs/$1).

Well he came home instead with the "managers special" of split breasts (translation with skin and bone on) but for $1.39/lb. I like how he's confident that I will work it out somehow. Also they had the unfortunate limit 2 and he was short on patience to do the walk in walk out since he'd already had a full days work

So I trimmed the breasts out and sliced them for canning and set aside - I separated the skins and fried those for the doggies and took the bone part and made chicken stock:
6 breasts
1 garlic clove
1/2 onion
3 carrots
3 celery
1 tbsp pepper
1 tbsp salt
5 quarts water

I took it to a medium simmer and skimmed the shmutz (aka skum aka yuck that floats on top) and then took it to a hard boil. Then I removed the breast bones, shredded it and returned the chicken bits to the stock.

Just plain washed chicken breast set aside and the garlic from the freezer defrosting in water.

So I set that in the canner and followed the blue ball book canning directions and started prepping the salsa.

8 lbs roma tomatoes washed and chopped
1 cup garlic
1 large white onion
3 fresh jalapeno
1 fistful cilantro
1 tbsp iodized salt
2 tbsp fine sea salt
4 tbsp mexican oregano
2 tbsp basil
4 tbsp lemon juice
3 squirts hotsauce
3 tbsp new mexico chili powder

$8 bucks makes 4 pints of canned chicken (originally 5.75lbs) about 10cents more and the bones made 8 pints of chicken broth.

Mr. Man taste tested the broth and said "I would just drink that as chicken soup to tell you the truth..." So i guess it was fine.

$2.25 worth of tomatoes makes 8 pints canned.

But in totality it made 11 pints because the extra went into the fridge for consumption. Let's just call it 20cents a jar plus the cost of the jar and lid but I keep those so it is what it is.

The sibs sometimes buy salsa so I wash and save the containers - this is the extra 3 pints that didn't make it into the canner.

The best part of canning (besides the end result) is staying up late and chatting it up with Mr. Man. We always seem to have a lot to say and these days more-so. I'm very happy that we still have the same rapport we did 4 years ago and continue to laugh at the hamheads, buttholes and moronic sheeple.

Mr. Man got up this morning and went to the feed store and picked up the funkaceous earth aka diatomaceous earth because we are having a gnat problem. I'm fed up with the ghetto garden myself- it's clearly not as fun as the kitchen.

Well 50 lbs was all they had but at least it was only 28 bucks - which is FUNNY because online 1 gallon of the stuff was 28 bucks. Did we need 50 lbs. No. Does it expire. No. Is it a good buy. Yes. Best to just have it around.

I save all our grape and grapefruit juice containers so I just asked Mr. Man to drill some holes in the lid and I would just use it like a baby powder dispenser.

The little device worked pretty well - now we will just wait for the gnats to eat it. Little Bastids.

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