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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm not so kosher...but

Mom1 and Mom2 are taking off tomorrow and Sunday.

So today they wanted to run around and get a few things that are very hard to come by over there or are outrageously priced (see Cherries and Chocolate). The price for cherries today at Fry's Marketplace was $1.77/lb. The Mom's picked up 6 lbs - 2 to eat and 2 to take back each. I checked their canning section and they still haven't marked anything down - so I checked their clearance section.

However, they did have these Kosher goodies on sale.

The cake mix was only 25 cents...yeah you heard me - It used to be $1.75 - but since passover has come and gone it's a steal.

Supposedly it doesn't expire until next year but it doesn't have any animal or lactose products so in a pinch it's pretty good to have - plus it's frosting included...

These were made in NJ...

Next down the aisle was Matzo crackers. 5 1lb packs for $1. Yeah you heard me.

I was actually thinking about making some hard tac type crackers to just store up...but now I have 20 lbs of these to tide me over.

The regular price is like $6.88. Still horrendously cheap - but $1 is even better.

This is made in NY - so I chose this over the other brand that is from Israel. All I know is Mr. Man and I love crackers. Sometimes I even make these matzo type crackers dipped in chocolate then rolled in almonds.

Also - they had these mousetraps - $1 for a pkg of 4 traps.

You know what's funny - almost everytime you buy stuff for preps - it's almost always made in the US. If that ain't saying something you better talk to Helen Keller.

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