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Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally! Done for the night

So earlier this afternoon I popped out to pick up a dozen of these strawberries since they were only 77cents a lb. I just love Sprouts Market...

It was a good day - I got hit on by a couple dudes. haha! Even a burnt out prepper girl can still turn a couple heads..

Next stop was Fry's Marketplace: one of our local grocery stores... I wanted to check their jars - they weren't on supersale but it was only $1/.50 cents more than walmart. I'd rather give my business to Fry's - plus I had a $10 off $50 purchase.

The jars were only 19 bucks...What the heck else would I get. So I pushed the Cart around...

And some dude asked for my number

BUTTER! Hey butter was 2/$5. I guess now was the time to learn to Can Butter.

Then another dude asked for my number

Then the cashier asked for my number and so did the other guy. What the heck is in the air?

There are quite a few ladies on youtube doing the butter canning thing...It's pretty easy and doesn't even require the pressure canner.

I was going to can all 12lbs but Mr. Man advised that he would like to bring a few dozen cupcakes to the shooting range since they are nice enough to let us shoot for free.

I really like these short pint jars by Ball...because the shape is different. The one thing I do not like is that in no way are they stackable - so I keep the original box they come in so it's easier to stack them.

10lbs of butter makes 9 pints and leaves you a pint of the fluffy stuff. I cooled it and whipped it and put it in the fridge. It's just like the whipped butter by challenge.

Truth be told there's very little waste.

The hot butter and the hot jars made me nervous and I have ASBESTOS hands. I pull lids and caps out of boiling water with my fingers. But the butter made me nervous. Thankfully no burns or accidents.

9 lbs of strawberries made 8 pints of preserves and 4 pints of sauce. The strawberry sauce I keep to drizzle on desserts or even to mix with lemonade to make strawberry lemonade. I also keep strawberry green tea in the house and the strawberry sauce is a nice simple syrup to include in the tea.

I think I can take a break from canning for awhile and handle some cleaning stuff and school stuff. Maybe just hang out with Mr. Man...and discuss what's going on. It looks like I may have to go to Asia in July.


  1. Gee is another great way to store butter.It's shelf life is almost infinite..Keep up the good fight.Bless you and yours

  2. @anonymous - it's on the list. but not high on it