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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deconstructed Enchiladas & Canning Update

Well sometimes you want the flavor but you don't want to bake.

Steamed Rice
3 chicken breasts seasoned and grilled
1/2 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 cups enchilada sauce
Shredded cheese
Chopped green onion
2 tortilla chips sliced and fried (topping)

I just saute the garlic and onion with a bit of mexican oregano - add my own enchilada sauce and let that thicken while i cook the chicken.

Top the rice with chicken then drizzle with sauce and cheese. Sprinkle green onion and tortilla topping and serve.

Okay the latest update on my canning is 16.5 cases. Those smaller jars you see on the upper right are butter and salsa. Those are the "special" ball short pints. I really like them. They just don't stack very well so I keep them in the original boxes.

13 full cases on the ground. What a trip. I've said this before but I'll say it for anyone who hasn't read my blog before I only started canning on March 20th. In less than 3 months you too can have 198 bottles. Mind you we have given away over half a case and half a case was eaten by I dunno whom?

It's preserves, jams, jellies, ground beef, cubed beef, skirt steak, chicken, spaghetti sauce, chicken stock, veggies, salsa butter.

By my calculations that's at least 100 days of food - 200 days if i rationed it and watered the preserves down to juice with some added lemon juice. We will keep going and do the best we can and keep working on our garden. I have to go to Asia for 2 weeks - family stuff but I'll be back by July 14th. I love food snobs who say oh organic this and organic that and blah di blah. Good luck with that. Time is getting short. I love to see confident people knocking the efforts of others...Just hope that your life never depends on my preps - coz your snobby ass might have to eat some humble pie.


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