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Saturday, June 25, 2011

End of June Preps

Well, basically I'm leaving the country to see my Grandmother in about 6 days. I will be gone for 2 weeks. There's a lot of stuff to pack and shop for and fulfill the requests of the cousins and Mom's who sit around and watch mangoes grow.

I picked up 8+ lbs of beef. Ground Round was only $1.87 a pound; 1/3 of it I cooked into 3 portions of taco meat for Mr. Man to eat while I'm gone, the other 2/3rds are for canning. I know what everyone says - he's a big boy he can cook for himself - sure he can - or he can just live on kettle chips and beer. At least it's there. At least I give a shit.

I also checked the freezer for anything that wasn't likely to be cooked by Afro since it involved prep/defrost time and I found a package of chicken breasts and another package of about 6 pork chops. I canned part of the chicken into chicken soup with potato and the pork i cubed and made into Filipino Style Adobo. 4 pints each.

I must say this chicken soup looks pretty tasty and I like all the colours and what not.

The adobo looks a bit boring but believe me the taste is not.

While the meat and chicken soup was in the canner I went ahead and processed mango lime jam, grape jelly and strawberry jam

11pm came and I still wasn't sleepy so I threw one more batch in the pressure canner - 6 pints of ground beef and 2 pints of chicken broth so there wouldn't be any "dead" space in the canner

One nights work:

20 pints assorted
2 half pints mango lime jam
12 four oz jars of preserves.

I guess I finally got my timing down.

You might ask why did I use these 4oz baby food size quilted jars for the jams? Well because Mom1 is supposed to be watching her blood sugar and if I make these mini ones she is less likely to overindulge.

3 mango lime jam
4 strawberry jam
5 grape jelly

They sure are cute. This will probably be the only prepping I do until I come back.

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