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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot Peppers & Hot Stunt Doubles...

I might have mentioned in my last blog that we were able to purchase jalapeno peppers at 4lbs/$ I figured it wouldn't hurt to make some pickled jalapenos. I don't know about your house but my house eats a lot of nachos and tacos.

First of all: Wear Gloves! The last time I blanched jalapenos and set the seeds aside I didn't wear gloves and burnt the tops of my hands for almost a full day, I also found out the hard way that we didn't have calamine.

There was no recipe in the ball canning jar for pickled jalapenos. So I found one on the web.
This makes 12 pints. The website suggests only using pint jars.

Here is my mix:

4 lbs green jalapeno
12 pcs banana pepper
4 carrots
4 zucchini (just for variety)

10 cups vinegar (5%)
8 tbsp pickling salt
4 tbsp sugar
4 cloves garlic chopped

Clean your jars and lids and set aside...I wash mine and rest them (half full of hot water) in the hot water in the canner but that's just me. Set the vinegar salt sugar and garlic to simmer. Start chopping all the ingredients...Once those are ready remove jars from the water - and pour the water in the jars into a bowl with the lids and caps. Take your vinegar mix to boil Vary all your peppers and veggies evenly between 12 jars (or whatever your canner will hold) to the 1/2 inch level. Do not over stuff. Pour the vinegar mix to 1/2 inch, burp the bubbles with a plastic spatula and then wipe the rims. Top with lids and screw on caps - I processed mine at 15 minutes in a boiling water canner - but adjust for your location.

The price per pint was about 16 cents - and that includes all the stuff besides the jalapenos. Not a bad deal. Plus it kind of puts your mind at ease to eat stuff you made.

So Mr. Man is at it again! QaddAfro on telling it like it is news. I made that costume - its nice to have a few skills.

How you like them apples?

It is a bit unnerving to see a frown on his face because that's not his natural personality. But it's all in good satire to get a message across


  1. Great job ! You and I do almost the exact same thing with the jars. I put full jars of water in the scanner, then fill the canner to about 3/4 of the way up the jar. I get it boiling while I am prepping the ingredients. When I am ready to use the jars. I dump the hot water from inside the jars back into the canner, fill the jars, and put them back in the water. The additional volume raises the water level up to a couple of inches above the jar, right where it needs to be. And I don't waste any water. (I water the plants with the water when it cools, too.)

    Love the outfit!!!

  2. @Kris - can i water the plants with water that has vinegar?