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Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Wk 2: Haul Update: Same Ole Just More

Been pretty busy around here and I haven't been the deal hound I usually am but I am not neglecting things either! Just do as much as you can folks...when in doubt - stock staples. Keep a little notepad with you and jot things down and cross them out as you get to them. Don't let people detract you from what you are doing with their purist ideologies of what you should or should not prep. Because when it gets down to it this is the bottom line: WHILE you are learning to grow your own food or situate in a more rural area you MUST eat. So stock what you can afford and tell them to kiss your robust ass.

Some days I feel like the stuff in our preps are better than what we eat day to day but most days I'm so burnt out a piece of toast and a scrambled egg is fine for dinner.

10lbs rice - $4
Romaine, Cheese, Celery Sausage $1 each
Oregano, Croutons, Salami; .99cents each

Just get out there and it will come to you, stuff you eat everyday and stuff you put away every day - it has to be done. Don't let your guard down and stop preparing.

Walgreen's: I had a $4 coupon, so I picked up some olive oil ($2.49), instant coffee packs (.60 cents) and a dozen iodized salt ($4.68).

Total cost out of pocket was $4.97

And don't listen to the dumb-asses who say you don't need iodized salt You need all types of salt. I keep 7 types of salt in my house and they each have their purpose. Do your own homework - I ain't lying.

Roma Tomatoes went on sale 4lbs/$.96, Jalapenos were also 4 lbs for $1. So I guess it's a salsa week.

Rainier Cherries were a steal at $1.99/lb. Avocados were 2/$1 and Green onions were 3 bunches/$1. The bellpepper was overpriced at 59 cents a piece. but oh well we wanted it for our salad.

8 lbs of Roma Tomatoes will make 8 pints of salsa. The recipe is in one of my earlier blogs. I also asked Mr. Man to pick up another 15lbs so I could make homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs canned (recipe is also in one of my previous blogs).

Ground Round went up a bit that week - it was on "sale" for $1.99 a lb compared to the usual $1.67 a lb. but it was more than enough to can 4 pints and make 49 meatballs plus a bit leftover for taco meat. We bought about 11 lbs

I put 7 meatballs per quart then filled it with sauce to the 1 inch mark.

Making sauce is an all day let it simmer let it ride process. But the results were definitely worth it.

There was leftover sauce and no meatballs so I canned another 4 quarts of spaghetti sauce and another 4 pints of ground beef.

It is nice to have food up.

Strawberries went on sale for 77 cents a lb so I made more preserves and more strawberry sauce.

1 more case of pints and 8 more jars of the fancy pints. 2 four packs is all they had left.

a dozen lbs of butter - so Um 2 for $5 - so 30 bucks. We like salted, some people don't - but we like the salt and even when a baking recipe calls for unsalted butter I still use salted and everything I cook disappears - HAHA!

10lbs of butter makes 9 pints canned. And despite what anyone says - it is not hard to make it, Total time investment is maybe 30 minutes if you do it correctly.

I had to throw in a pic of the salmon cakes - recipe also available in a previous blog.

We are really starting to amass the canned goods. We have about 16.5 cases of goodies.

That's about 198 jars. Probably minus 3 jars after we give pops in law his salsa that he was hinting about!

Its getting a bit exhausting. But we keep on.

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