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Monday, December 4, 2006

03 Dec 2006: Deja Vu the Movie

...on Deja Vu, the new Denzel Flick...

I won't spoil it for any of you, but it was worth the money. Of course I also read on quantum theory occasionally as well as string theory - so I had an idea of what was goin' on. hahahahha. It starts off slow - but just hang in there - it's worth it.

...on his being a gentleman...

Even after workin' over a 12 hour day and grinding it out on a Sunday he had the dopest smile on his face. J****** was a perfect gentleman: before the movie, during the movie, after the movie and hangin' out after the movie, walkin' me to my car, sittin' in the car with me. I can't believe either of us were able to stay awake after the long days we had and we had the NERVE to catch the last show of the night.

He's really articulate about his goals and where he's going. I would have never pegged him as a golf junkie - but he is. I actually suggested we go out to the wigwam course and he's totally down for that. It's different for me to be around someone who's clever and urban but still goal oriented - and I will say his grind is fierce. His longest stretch was workin' 3 weeks straight with no days off. Wut. And he talked about it with a smile on his face and a shake of the head. No snivellers .

I like his stories.

I like his constant laughter.

I like that he smiles with his eyes.

I like his demeanor.

I like that he's my Thursday date.

I like that he's unshakable.

I like his honesty, sometimes such blatant honesty is kind of shocking - but you know what - he still takes that risk. He's not afraid of bearing the truth.

We'll see how long this slow anticipatory pace holds. He's driven and hungry though - so playin' in my world should be a piece of cake. People who grind that hungrily SHOULD play with chefgirls right?

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