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Monday, December 11, 2006

11 Dec 2006: He Just....wanted Ziti?

He just said...well...J***** said what needed to be said...

Even though it's the brutal's also painfully sweet...


...on Ziti Dinner...

I made a lot of food. I also forgot my digi cam. It was a fun night - well shit of course it was a fun night, any night with Empress Wendy is always full of laughter and light. Wendy was kind enough to send me the food porn. I've never seen a food photo setting until i saw Wendy's cam!!!

It's funny, normally I'm allergic to cats - but I wasn't allergic to Tim's Whooten and I'm not allergic to Wendy's babies. Poor little miao miao's were confused coz i overtook the kitchen...Although I have to say - that launching onto the fridge and the potatoes falling on boy Miao was slow motion comic. Don't think he didn't glare at that sack of potatoes for the rest of the night coz his ass did!

Wendy is a great hostess - even remembering hors d'ouerves...I never futz with hors d'ouerves. Although there's no picture of the crudite...

Wendy couldn't get over the size of my pot...I said oh this is my small one. She's like what - LAAAADY!!! Bwaa hahha.

Cheesy Toast Pre Bake and Baked

Garlic Parmesan Green Onion Meatballs...WUT!

Broccolli Casserole and Ziti - Prebake and Baked

...thanks April...

for the laugh. the whole room laughed and I only wish you were there.

...other thanks...

So the Empress and I were sitting on the back patio in her fabulous chairs and J***** calls - and he sounds mad tired. He's like how'd your dinner go - I said oh it's still happening. He's like ummm where you at? I said Mesa. He said hmmm...would you bring me a plate? I said wut...and laughed. I said maybe, if you ask super uber nice - and he threw sugar on it and i still laughed. He said what are you doing - I said kicking it with Wendy on the patio...He's like is she right there? I said yes...He said let me holla at her for a second. I handed her the phone with a puzzled look on my face...So they spoke for awhile and I killed my square.

So she closes the call and says all right. She handed me the phone and said you should bring Mr J***** a plate. I was like HUH! She nods and goes back inside handing over the phone grinning at me. I get on the phone and told him I dunno what you told Wendy but she's a hard vote to get. He's like so you'll bring me a plate...I said FINE. I'll leave in about 20 minutes.

Wendy told me that he thanked her for takin' me out to the Talib Kweli show coz he got to meet me and talk to me. Then he thanked her for puttin perspective on his side of it when i got aggro that one day. I did hear Wendy say,"well, if I send her there with a plate you better keep the lady entertained." And then there was talk of me reducing him to a booty call and how he wasn't hearing that shit. I'm not reducing anyone to anything - we haven't even done it!!!!


...on cool...

As exciting as everything is it's cool. J***** and J** loved the Ziti, the broccolli and the cheesy toast. Hahaha. I told J** I only cook for my friends these days - so yanno, you are both lucky that Wendy had an event at her house. He said well - I'm never gonna stop being your friend.

J***** told me I have magic hands. That I am one of the few people who genuinely creates things and somehow everything I touch becomes good and gold. I said don't you think that's an overstatement? He looked at me with his face close to mine and his pale hazel eyes flashed saying,"no..."

He asked me a lot of questions last night. Why I changed careers? Why I selectively forget people of the past? What else do I want to do? How do I make time for everything? How do I maintain friendships on the level I do? Then he asked me a question about Dad...and I answered him and I was truthful about my fathers good qualities and shortcomings. I also said."they are our fathers and they are set in their ways, it's not our place to ask for change." He nodded and I put my head on the pillow coz I was getting tired and the coffee was wearing off...He smiled and touched my face and said,"you are a little girl inside..." I said what! He said," can see it in your eyes and how you smile." I just laughed.

"Meeting you is meeting what a real woman is. It's completely changed the way I look at things and I'm not going to fuck this up..."

'nuff said.

He normally leaves for work around 8. He didn't leave today until 10. He decided that we needed a little more sleep. He certainly works more hours than me but I have a more consistent nightlife. I don't know how he's managed to see me 7 times in 10 days - but he has.

Impressive. Has he convinced me to see him? Or did I let him?

His eyes are as predatory as the fangs behind my smile.

This will get interesting.

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