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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

26 Dec 2006: Under the Mistletoe...a bit.

...on bein' Under the Mistletoe...

We stayed up until 5am on Christmas Eve...Yappin, Drinkin', Playin XBox, laughin' and doin a little too much. Then Julian has the nerve to be in a happy mood and wake me up - haha. Seriously - I should have been up at about 9am...but I didn't even hop out of bed until 10ish. So I got the food on...I subtracted a few dishes since a few people didn't RSVP.

Jay and Julian were crackin' me up playin' Worst Case Scenario board game while I was throwin' stuff around the kitchen...

Thanks Keyla for wrappin up the wonton...and fryin' up the lumpia

Quite a bit of wine and beer got killed. Creamcheese shrimp wonton got killed. Food got killed. Everyone arrived around the same time and we just lingered talking and what not. Once the food was on...Grime was kind enough to carve the turkey and Julian carved the Roast -- Manly men huh. bwaa hahahhaha. Everyone assembled their plates while I assembled the leftover tupperwares...observe:

No one leaves this house without Leftovers. Ya Heard?


I have to say without exception - this was one of the best Christmas' ever. The mood was good, the conversation positive and the company the best. It was a bit strange without my brother or mom around, but strangely this felt like a really adult Christmas.

Thank you Wendy and Grime for my fabulous Jason Rudolph Pena apron. "coz I'm that kind of woman"

Thank you boys for such wonderful dinner conversation about music and the industry and for your hearty appetites...

...on Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Eve Julian gave me a gift. I don't know if I can accept such a gift...There's a lot of weight behind such a gift...

Sometimes the natural flow of things is almost surreal.

...on stress...

Video Conference calls overseas with Mom and Lola stress me out. How's she gonna drill me about gettin' a boyfriend coz it's practically 2007 - WUT!!!

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