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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

05 Dec 2006: Date 2.5 & Drunkie Dial-ator...

Firstly to my sweet brother Konradio - I'm sorry for drunk dialin' your ass and yes i will call you asap to coordinate cookies for you and the little princess. I was yappin' away and then realized HUH - it's not J*****.

Bwaa hahahha

I had the best day today. I woke up at my leisure with no apparent rush to do anything. At my leisure was 2:15pm. I like that feeling of no rush to do anything. It's been so busy for the last 3 months, I needed a good night of heavy sleep to sharpen my brain. So I pulled on some sweats and a boybeater and kinna walked around the house deciding if I should go with juice or coffee. Caffeine won.

I got my gear together, watered the dogs, and slammed the rest of my coffee, took a shower, and kind of walked around the house some more. Waved at my brother whilst he was on the phone and left the house as he fell to his afternoon nap. I cruised to the shop and finished up one cake and toyed with some other things.

Some days it's thug - some days it's hug.

Those few hours flew by quickly - i hopped out of my jeans and into the skirt and boots plus some eyeliner and lipgloss. I was ahead of schedule so I stored the cake and went next door for a coffee and I was able to squeeze in one whole hour of undisturbed writing. I'm always so happy when I can write unmolested when my brain is in 6th gear. I really underestimate how much sleep my body needs - because today I had much pep in my step and a little swagger in my soul. Nikki came by and we actually got to sit and talk about various things. I just adore her, she has such an endearing smile and really is no nonsense. Great little visit.

Then I was off...

It was a bit quiet tonight...lots of other stuff going on, so the low turnout was anticipated. However tonight J***** and Jay came out. So I guess you could say it's date 2.5. I think that's sweet considering that we're going to see Public Enemy in a couple dates. I'm glad Jay came out - he really needed that drink I think. They also got to meet Hyder and Diosa...I love it when Hyder does the Holla on the mic...As we walked in through the back door from smoking he was like Yes yes...we got Saucy...and J***** and Jaaaaaaay - it just TICKLES me...

It was nice to relax on the sofa and just shoot the shit. It was nice to sit next to each other with occasional naughtiness but all propriety. You know it's cool to sit near someone who actually looks you in the face and listens to you but actually has something good to comment in response. How could such beautiful eyes and eyelashes be put on a man. How can he possibly smile as much as me and be so generous with that flattery...

Everyone had a few drinks...and I think they even got Hyder and Diosa drinks - wuuut. They had a good time even on a quiet night - and then we were back to the boys crib and we were sitting around talkin' and sluggin' iced teas with Miss Mary. hahahhaha. Jay is so funny. Why do they crack up at stuff i say? I dunno. Especially the stupid pigtails thing.

Did I mention - he's STILL a gentleman. I don't know how he maintains the pace he holds. But I respect it. Still...even the most strong should rest - but I don't fuck with anyone's determination and drive. He told me he would rest and take a day off - just not right now. I respect that. At least Thursday will be fun - major fun.

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