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Monday, September 26, 2011

Find Room in your Budget

School started today. Last semester I would go preps shopping Monday, Wednesday and Friday because my Math class was from 7am to 830am. So I would always hit the stores right after class because I would be one of the first customers and would often have my pick of produce and stuff. Today I had a class at 11 - 1, and out of habit I headed towards the store.

I managed to find a few things and pinched 60 bucks out of my budget to purchase some preps. Truth be told I was really out at my local discount places just looking for some fleishmans yeast because I am down to about 9 packets. Sometimes I do get super lucky and I'm able to find 4 packets for a dollar at a the local dollar stores. But no such luck today - I will have to look again later in the week. I really thought that I would not be buying any preps this month as I stated in the previous blog our budget isn't even thin anymore it's just straight anorexic.

But when you see things that are an absolute steal you make room for them in the budget. That is another thing about prepping - sometimes you see something and you are tempted to add it into your stores because it looks handy or seems like a deal or looks interesting...but no matter what - I pick and choose what I buy - because I always keep 60-100 sitting there in case something really good comes up.

As seen in the photos. Pink Beauty Pink Salmon in a 15.4 oz can. Since there was no activated yeast in the store I stopped to look for lemon juice and celery seed - no such luck. Right as I started to head towards the register I saw these 4 shelves fully stocked. 99 cents a piece Expiration? 06/2016. WOW

You've got to understand that this size salmon on sale is $1.99. Regular price ranges from $3.99 to $5.99 depending on which store you go to. Pillar Rock is my favorite, Pink Beauty is a close second but only because it is not Red Sockeye Salmon. After trying the Pillar rock and Pink Beauty I don't even want to eat the Chicken of the Sea brand. But it's in the preps and if you mix it with shrimp and cracker meal - it makes passable croquettes.

At 99cents a can with a long expiration I had no choice but to go back. I originally purchased 40 cans - and then I went back and got the last 20 cans on the shelf.

The last time I found Salmon at this price in this size was in June...I even put in a special order to the home office for 200 cans of the pillar rock but they said it's rarely in stock.

We are flush for canned salmon now - over 100 cans of this size in rotation!

The large Kraft Ricotta was also only 99 cents expires November and ditto for the Sour Cream. I checked the ingredients and it's like milk, milk curds, milk fat, salt - in that order. Nothing new about it but the packaging LOL. Since we were lucky enough to find Ricotta I will make a lasagna this week and the sour cream will be used to make some sour cream amaretto almond cupcakes.

That is pretty much how it works around here I cook what is here and what's on sale, tha'ts how we save money :)

Organic romaine was still 99 cents for 3 heads.

30 tab ginkgo and 8 sausage packs and 12 sausage paacks were all 99 cents each. I usually get beef sausage but I haven't seen that in over 6 weeks. Beef is getting very hard to come by at a cheap price around here.

It's almost time to make my own version of Mrs. Dash no salt blend. I have no desire to pay 3.79 a small packet so I am going to make one for me and one for Momma in Law.

Cauliflower and 5 lbs of potatoes are all 99 cents. I was really short on potatoes this week and I don't like coming up short.

Finally, I stopped at dollar tree because they are the only ones who carry the gossner whole milk and borden half and half. Both of them are shelf stable and good until February and May of next year. If the expiration date comes up I'll just use them for a small batch of white cheese. Truth be told I think the flavor on both is above average for something that comes out of a tetra pack. I've had similar milk in Asia from New Zealand - this has a smoother mouthfeel and no aftertaste. The half and half is fantastic in coffee whether it is hot or cold way better than powdered creamer.

I also threw in another bottle of lemon pepper and ground cloves. It never really ends. Things are improving for us financially, but it's going to take a watchful eye over our lifestyle and keeping our spending in check. We still have projects that need to be started, projects that need completion and we would like to go solar and on top of that I am still in school. It would be very easy right now for me to say "I'm too busy or too frazzled to prep..." I could say "It's just not in the budget...we need to live our regular lifestyle and take a week off and blow out of town..." I could say a ton of stuff but I won't - staying prepared is just a part of our lifestyle now and when you are strong and aware you don't get off the hook that easily. You just have to rise to it.

Stay Preppin'...Stay Positive.

Truth be told - I like having all of this stuff stored - because when we want something and it's not on sale I can just reach on the cupboard for it - I like slathering butter on my cinnamon rolls and not worry if there is any left. I like having chicken and beef at our disposal even if it hasn't been at a good sale price in over a month. It truly saves you money in the end because you aren't running to the store for 1 thing and come home with 10 - haha. It's nice to look on your shelf and see 7 dollar hair conditioner that you purchased for 99 cents and know that you don't need any for another year.

My lit professor heard me telling people they should get stuff like TP and toothpaste on sale and just leave it in the linen closet so they aren't constantly running to the store for 1 or 2 things and overspending. Don't you know - that high fructose sucking, junk food eating, intellectually slothful mess of a professor asked me,"do you live in a bunker?" I laughed and said,"is your house paid off?" She said,"no..." I said,"Mwahahahaha...ours is, that's what we live in" I'm surprised that cow didn't fail me - I got my A.

People who have fear and are addicted to fear will often try to shit on you. They want you to live in that same vat of shit that they live in. People who have fear are rarely loved, rarely peaceful, often distrustful and live sad lonely existences - that is WHY they try to suck you into their petty bullshit and fears. I rarely nibble in those cases. I am really working on reacting in a clever exemplified way. We don't prepare because we are scared we prepare because we want to thrive when the world changes. This isn't the end of the world - this is a growing pain - a changing pain. You just gotta work through it yanno?

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