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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Sprint...end of the month haul and hustle

I am really exhausted lately.

School only started on Monday. That is 2 days ago . I'll go into that in another blog. I have been running for preps after class then coming home and making dinner and studying or studying and writing after dinner.

The cooking videos are pretty much going to be at a standstill during the week and then I will continue making videos during the weekend. There is just a lot going on in this house and on top of that is Afroprepper starting a new job - can you say raise and a promotion - WHEW.

We have even more changes coming at the end of the year...just wait.
Today I went and got some preps. Only 2 more days left in the month so seriously this is it.

Pineapples were only $1 each. They should be ripe enough in the next 3-4 days - at which point I will can 3 pints of fruit and 3 pints of juice

Carrots 3lbs/$1 Cucumber 3 for $1 Potatoes were only 88 cents for 5 lbs. But I didn't need any we still have 10 lbs

Petite Sirloin Steaks - buy 1 get 2 free. That came out to about 2.25 a lb or something. It's not the best price - but I am really irritated that the price of beef is just rising and rising and rising. ANNOYING - and this is the caned prep that gets the most action in our pantry besides butter. Jeez.

Yellow Onions were only 5lbs/$1 Gallon of vinegar was $2.77 that went up about 50 cents in the last 2 months.

I popped by big lots to see if they had some celery seed, they didn't but they sure did have these cedar raised garden beds. The garden stuff is on clearance because "they are making room for the Christmas stuff" What?
Regular price - $30 My price $7.50 each.
I really don't know if we are going to put up this many beds but at that price - it's cheaper than the cost of wood.

My Aunt is on an extended stay in Japan for business - she asked me to mail her some Chili Tepin and while there I found some herbs I was lacking in my own preps. nutmeg - 59cents

Mustard Seed 79 cents

Chili Tepin 1.29

It may look small but it's powerful and good.

Coriander 79 cents

Anise - 99 cents

All spice - 99 cents

Oops while at big lots I also found these things... trigger snap swivel things and the d rings that flex they were only a little above a buck - so I picked up the few they had

I also found this Red cross nasal aspirator and baby med dispenser. it was more than half off and I figured it might be good to have this in the first aid toolbox. $2 no problem.

I was looking for the 500 pack of vinyl gloves they usually have but instead I found this: infectigard spray "pens" 2 for 50 cents. That's it - that's the whole bag of beans. I really wanted to get some bacon, beef and butter canned in jars but you know the market price is simply KICKING

Stay Preppin! Stay Positive


  1. Good day shopping soem real good deals.
    Do you have a dehydrator ? Thinking beef jerky.

    I'm waiting on potting soil to go on extreme clearance already thinking ahead to next year's plant sale. Your right about those raised beds being cheaper than the lumber.

  2. @pelenaka...i killed our dehydrator a few months ago - I have to get a new one - meanwhile - I must revert to canning SIGH!

    I'm so glad you said something about the potting soil - I didn't even ask them if the potting soil was also 75% off.

  3. My goodness girl you sure do find some great sales, and congrats to Afro and the new job.