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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 2011 preps so far...

It's a transitional month for us - Mr. man is transitioning to a new job with a significant raise and I am transitioning BACK into school. I am taking compressed classes and I'm really not in the mood to go. Lately I am very irritated by people and I feel anti social. But I will do what I need to do to move forward with what we are doing. So our budget is exceptionally lean. I have also made some preps purchases that I failed to photograph since I have been doing the video thing.

Costco had these large jars of classico for 6.99. The 3 of the 3 quart bottles for 6.99 BUT we had a 2 dollars off coupon. The additional bonus is that these are atlas mason jars and can be reused with rings and lids that are regular mouth - Awesome right!

snack bags and gallon bags were 99 cents. Tin foil was 74 cents at kmart and Dr. Kens toothpaste was only 80 cents. Mr. Man thinks that we should have 2 years of toothpaste in rotation but we are well above that at this point.

I've never seen this before - I popped by Kmart lookin for jars and they had these for 99 cents. There is no high fructose corn syrup in these just a lot of milk products. I thought I might give it a whirl.

I've started making bread again - 25 lbs of bread flour is only 8 bucks at costco - but 25 lbs of hard white wheat is $15. I just freeze it and put it up in the jars I have. Goodness.

These RAIL planters were only 2.97 at Kmart - they are clearing out their garden dept. We don't really have a need for them but I figure it wouldn't hurt to have them.

Especially since the regular price on them is $12

Cetaphil is our facial and hand moisturizer. These are upwards of $14 a jar. We had 1 left in the cupboard and an almost empty one in the bathroom. However costco had a coupon for 3 dollars off so it was only 8.50 and had the travel size face wash!

Cetaphil is awesome fragrance free and non comodogenic - good for adults and kids. Try some you won't go back

All the produce in this photo was only 99 cents including the organic stuff.

whole wheat pastry flour 69 cents a lb
chocolate chips 2.69 a lb
whole wheat flour 67 cents a lb

Mr. Man popped by the goodwill on the way to pick up the tshirts he had made...he found various jars for 49 cents to 99 cents. Not the best price but it's always good to have jars.

The prize find was this antique ball ideal jar - I love these jars so much! I found someone online who is selling 11 of them for 20 bucks - I am on the fence about it but I may get them because they are both quarts and pints with this clip into the glass lid.

I walked around albertsons while Mr. Man filled the water bottles - we keep 45 gallons in rotation in the kitchen.

I found these giant candles for 2.39
taper candles were 32 cents
votive candles were 37 cents

I could have bought a lot more but I figure a handful is enough because we already have a LOT of candles.

Yeast is very expensive at Albertsons - the jar is 8+ bucks, the 4 packs are 3.99. However they had this packet of wheat for 55 cents. It says especially formulated for wheat bread I will give it a whirl and let you all know how that goes.

grapes were 69 cents a lb
vital gluten was 67 cents a lb (overorder mismark)
more whole wheat flour for 67 cents

This was all bulk @ Sprouts.

Oat Bran was 64 cents a lb
Whey Protein Isolate was $1.87/lb

Whey protein isolate was mismarked - normally it's $8.72/lb. That's whey drink powder - very good to have around the house and to have in your bug out bag. 2 tsps plus 10 oz of water and you have a power drink.

I doubt I'll be doing anymore shopping this week - I feel burnt out and worried lately and the rise in prices is really getting on my nerves.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to socialize with zombies lol

  2. I normally have a thicker skin but I just about crawl out my skin lately. Tonight we went out to sushi for my Godbrothers birthday and some Euro guy told his mail order bride to eat off his plate and not order...meanwhile he drank his sake shooters while she had ice water - LMFAO -- THEN he told her get a job application...GUUUUUUURL you know my trigger finger was itching - then he turned around to look at me and I patted my bag...Afro laughed and said the French looking fool wants to meet your hollow points bebe. HAHA.