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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rocket Stove Cooking: Teriyaki Chicken & Rice

CastIronWatchman threw down a challenge---preppers throwdown - LOL. It's all good.

Click here for our adventures in "outdoor cooking" I'm so glad that Afroprepper was there.

Small rocket stoves are real hard to maintain - we really want to make a bigger one that's for sure.

But I am very glad for the experience of cooking outside with the very little wood that we have. That is definitely something we need to have more of in the backyard. We do have hundreds of acres across the way of both trees and brush that we could glean to get wood and we will be doing that, because just in making 2 dishes it took a lot of branches.

We will soon be testing our QB stove that we picked up in the Philippines - It is a charcoal stove that resembles a cooktop LOL. Stylin! Seriously though - at least I am confident that we have sacks of charcoal put up and could actually make some if we had to. I am glad we have 3 alternate ways to cook our food - 4 actually. But we are lucky to live in a sunny place without the challenge of relentless rain or snow.

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