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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brillo & Pasta & Sponges oh My!!!

Man oh Man...Mommy Jeans (my coupon nemesis)  got me today --- she hit the main location which has anywhere from 30-50 free papers there.  But you know what...that's ok, because I found 3 additional locations --- how cool is that.  So the day will come that I will be walking away with 100 free papers.  The funny thing is...she always gets the jump on me when the coupons are CRAPPY.  There is really only 1 good coupon in there this week.  However, I also have a second nemesis---the brunette in the gold Prius!!!

I had to go into the shop today because there were 3 last minute cake orders and the case was only half full.  After work I did my shopping and then went home.  You know it does take a specific amount of effort to do this kind of shopping --- but I plan my shopping with a "route"  So that everything is en route to the house plus I can avoid traffic and not waste gas...

First Stop...Walgreens
Cottonelle: $4
Cottonelle Wipes: 29 cents
Pampers: $3
Crest: profit - .03 cents ea

The only reason I didn't buy more Crest is because they were completely sold out!

Second Stop:  Target
Pasta: 9 cents ea
Bakers White Choco: 1.17 ea
Sharpies: 52 cents a pkg

Target was a bit tedious and the pickings were slim on their deals.  I do like that their store was crowded because that gives me a sense of urgency.

Third Stop:  Fry's Foods aka Kroger's
Pringles: 99 cents ea
Tortillas: 1.69
Organic Spring mix: 1.37
Organic Romaine: 1.49
Good N Natural Bar: profit 69 cents
Star Olive Oil: 5.49
Angel Soft TP: 27 cents
Brillo box: 2 for 49 cents

I'm happy they had a lot..what a relief

Last Stop:  Wally World
Estracell Brillo Pads: .43 cents ea
Heinz tomato paste:  50 cents
Kraft parmesan: 3.50
Nivea (double pack): 1.04 ea
Pasta : 43 cents ea

I'm glad I had somewhere to go..coz if I have my earbuds in...I could just troll the clearance for hours at Wally World.  I must admit the Wally World in my previous neighborhood had a LOT of clearance stuff...that was prepper friendly.  I also like to look at all the weird stuff, like this:

Our friends Mom and Baby were back from Texas and I invited them over so the baby could get her little gift that we got her (Dakin Teddy Bear)...and I made homemade burgers and pizza...

I was like OH NU UH what did you do to my baby's hair?  The Granny laughed and said OH I knew that was coming!  Her grandmother is constantly telling me to stop spoiling the kid...but she is so good, and she's bright and alert!  She is also epicurious and likes all new foods!

When she hangs out with us I often do her hair like THIS:

She is exceptionally well behaved and always understands when it's time to do hair and condition hair...Brooky is only 13 months old and she sits more patiently than some adults!

She is a joy to have around!

She absolutely loves our dog and follows her everywhere and hugs her.  The poor dog always looks at us like "HELP ME..." and we just laugh and laugh.

It's funny she used to act real nervous around the dog...but after spending the weekend with us (Mommy went to Vegas) she understood that the dog is not I think because her Mom was not around she didn't pick up on any adults being scared of the animal...I'm glad she learned to be friends with our Dog!

Brooky's grandmother asked me about my couponing.  They arrived shortly after I got home with my haul.  She said she really needs to start again!  Then she asked me something I'd never been asked.  She asked,"So when do you stop buying a certain thing?"  I laughed and said well you know that TP won't expire.  The canned stuff is over 2 years out.  I just rotate it all into stuff we is just preventing useless trips to the store!  She nodded and admitted she couldn't wait to start again!  Yay!


  1. Great deals! And the little one is a cutie! :)

    1. thanks! Maybe I should start taking the kiddo on my shopping missions!