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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sometimes I just get lucky!

I had to go pick up some milk and various chocolate for decorations for the cakes!  And i got super lucky and found some of my favourite things...

 I found some sparkling soda - the swedish kind - pomegranate apple.  I figure when I do want a soda it's either this stuff or the jones soda.  I rarely want soda but sometimes it will hit me...and then i found:

Mozart Kugeln!  I guess you could say they are like German Toffifay candies.  Some of them have pistachio and marzipan filling and the other has caramel PLUS truffle in a chocolate.  These are super good.  I got these the first time I went to Munich and my Aunts and Cousins always bring them for me if they find them or if they pop into Germany!  Lucky Me -- the boxed ones were only $2...and the kugeln twists are $1.50...  All I have to say is that the receipt said i saved 48 bucks. Haha.  I paid 15 bucks.  pretty good!

I don't know if any of you noticed...but I've been sticking to dark chocolates or european chocolates.  I noticed that a lot of domestic chocolates have cottonseed oil, high fructose, and/or TBHQ or BHT as a preservative.  I also won't buy it if it says VANILLIN...coz that's vanilla flavoring that may come from beaver anal glands.  LOL.  They say it's from a petroleum product but um...the petroleum products are used to get the extract out of the beavers anal glands. haha.  It doesn't bother me if anyone else eats it...just that while i have a choice right now --- I choose to put away good stuff.  I was really shocked to notice that Ghirardelli has cottonseed and TBHQ in a lot of their stuff now - I only found 5 varieties that didn't have it.  That's a shame because it's one of our domestic chocolates.

And still it continues...the valentines designs.  I'm trying to do stuff that's not so corny.  I just wanted to keep a few as backup so there is always at least one heart style cake in the case so people keep us in mind...I should be doing some glazed ones tomorrow as well as a snoopy cake (for my banker..) with a dog house!

Good Times!

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