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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I asked my husband...

Sometimes after I come home from doing some couponing or deal hunting I ask Mr. Man, "Do you think I go a bit overboard sometimes???"  He laughs and always says, "NO!  Keep it up --- we are getting so far ahead!"  In the 2 years we've been prepping I cannot remember ONE time he told me to slow down, or questioned the budget or questioned a purchase.  I am one of the most luckiest women I know in that respect.  He has always trusted my judgement when it comes to purchasing because he knows I'm not going to blow it on some flamboyant, useless or decorative thing.

Actually when we first met he gave me a little test.  He says he was not intentionally testing me --- I said yes you were testing me...testing how I would use your money even though I always have my own money.  He gave me like $120 and asked me if I would mind buying him a few things since it was my day off.  He needed a belt, a shirt and a tie...and if there was extra could I find him some nice cotton dress socks.  Well...I hit the outlet mall and I was able to buy him 5 shirts, 2 ties, 2 belts, a pack of socks and a pair of leather kenneth cole shoes...I was also able to buy myself a coffee as well as a little shirt.  When he got home I had it all laid out on the bed and he said, "Oh...what do I owe you?"  I laughed and told him there was even enough extra for me to have a shirt and a coffee!

He says when I enter a store I get a game face and I know how to scan a store and head directly to a deal.  I never thought I did that until I remembered that my Mom taught all of us to grocery shop since the livelihood of her cooking depended on it.  I am so happy she taught me to do this...I'm so happy she also taught me to haggle in unusual places.  I wish Mothers still did this...taught their children USEFUL things and things that will help them move forward in their life with a bit of ease.  My math teacher saw me clipping coupons once in class and asked me why I did that when I obviously had money.  I laughed and said every couple months I give food to the shelter and mail school supplies and clothes to an orphanage overseas.  She said, "Oh you are so thoughtful...what made you start doing that?"  I laughed and told her,"It's not the childrens fault that their parents are MORONS."  She must have laughed 10 minutes and so did the rest of the class.

That is today's deals...

This was a $13 purchase.
15 toilet paper 4ct pack 
8 Dawn - 19 fluid oz - hand renewal
2 conditioners - herbal essence
This was a $60 out of pocket purchase
but...I got $15 back plus $6 instant rebate. So in reality it is a $39 purchase!

The storage containers were a bit more than I wanted to pay ($2.25) but I seem to be needing a lot more storage around here.  The good news is I have $50 store credit on my shopping card.  So I intend to use that on the nitrile and latex gloves that will probably go on sale this week and I also want a new label maker.  I'm just trying to get one that has reasonable tape price.

My cashiers are so nice.  I even gave 2 of them gift cards for dessert!  I genuinely hope they come see me at my work so I can be nice to them!

Here is a video with one of my storage solutions using the $1 chip container from last week as well as some other tips for fortifying some areas of your preps:

Here is the most random find of the week!

 I found these at the 99 cent only store.  Dang I love that store.  Lately it has been really really picked over.  Not like when I first started going there 5 years ago...and I had my pick of the store, but those days are long gone...lots of people go there now!

It still cracks me up when people try to act all snobby or embarrassed in there.  That's something I noticed --- that people seem embarrassed to save money!  Crazy!!!
Anyways...I checked online and the price seemed to vary from $4 to $7 a piece so I did not feel bad...I mentioned in my video that I got a dozen...then I counted this photo and my OCD self actually got 15. 

HAHA...C'est La Vie...

I am finding a nice rhythm and by the time spring and summer comes I will be ready for some real hustle and bustle prepping@


  1. My momi raised me the same way! I proudly thrift shop, clip coupons and goodwill shop! I went through a stage where I was horrible with money but now my dad says I can make a dollar holler lol.

    1. LOL did your Mommy pinch pennies and then would go buy a car CASH! hahahha. I love it.."make a dollar holler" I think everyone has to go through that period where they are HORRIBLE with money to get to where they are good with it...know what i mean?

  2. Does Afroprepper have a single brothe or cousin??? LOL! I seriously love you guys!

    Anyway there is nothing like a good deal! It is asinine to be embarraorssed to shop at the thrift store or dollar store. I never pay full price for anything (well except canning jars and lids and only if I can't find the jars at the thrift store). I have to say I am super jealous of your produce prices. luckily we have a lot of you pick farms in the summer and fall here in NW Washington and my family has fruit trees and a big garden. Anyway just wanted you to know I think you guys ROCK!