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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013...and we're at it again!!!

New Years Eve was cool...
New Years Day/Anniversary BBQ was cool.

Man...I cannot believe that we have been together 6 years now.  It's crazy how fast time flies.  It has been a very awesome ride.  We are very fortunate that we still see each other as we did when we first met --- however when I look at the picture of the first time we met (my girlfriend happened to snap a pic of it)...when I look at that photo - I never would have thought we would be prepping together.  I tell you this --- I feel very lucky that we are on the same page in terms of a lot of things:  morality, ethics, politics, religion, child rearing and expectations as elevated people, and now the prepping also.  I would be really frustrated if I was in this alone (but that wouldn't stop me)...but it makes it easier to share the load. is my first haul of the year:

 2 gallons Pomace Olive Oil (acceptable for deep frying), 3 chip and dip containers, cookie cutters, 2 basters, 2 little packs Guylian seashell chocolate...


Yup you heard me.  I used an instant $10 rebate.  I'm so excited about saving money right at the start of the year!
I'm going to use these chip and dip trays to store my tattler lids and my other canning lid jars and rings.  They were a great deal at $1 a piece.  I would have taken 10 if they had them but they only had 3 left.  I'm glad for the 3 I got and also this is a made in USA product...the only other plastic stuff I really like is made in Canada!

So...that's the start.  The profits are up at work.  The kids are relatively okay...none of them are TOO out of hand - but I am calling a meeting this weekend.  My assistant told me she wants to come back but just the front problem I like her I will take her back.  I got a bonus this week - haha.  The other business should start picking up soon.  The house is in order and my bestie is visiting with her husband from New Mexico.

The cake case is near empty so I'm working to fill it.  It's very satisfying when your cakes sell out...the "fancy" cake store next door was telling me the other day about how they have to "throw out" so many cakes and I'm lucky because a lot of my cakes are "frozen"  I laughed and told her if my cakes looked or tasted like shit whether they were frozen or not I wouldn't be selling this many.  I love it when people try to make THEMSELVES feel better by making up and excuse FOR you - hahaha!  Sorry Lady I'm not buying it!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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