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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We never get tired of veggies...

So on my way out to buy supplies and produce I asked Mr. Man would you like super nachos or monster taco salad...he said the SALAD!!!

We always feel better after eating 4-6 portions of fresh vegetables per day for about a week.  When we get busy and stop eating that many I notice we get sluggish and grumpy.  We are carnivores tho' we sure love our meat.  So i also added sliced steak and the taco ground beef that I always keep stocked --- then I fryed up some chopped flour tortillas for the topping because we both love crunchy stuff...

He had his with a Mexican beer and I had mine with a pineapple tangerine smoothy (thanks sibs for our new ninja blender!)...I really have to get all my couponing crap off the kitchen table so we can eat there...but it's not like anyone here complains.

My favorite thing is people with beautiful table settings and crappy food.  I'd rather eat great food with a crappy setting. HAHA

I can't believe it's almost 11pm already.  The days are going by so fast.

I just wanted to look at the salads again..Hahaha.

I noticed something funny at the grocery store today...the boneless skinless chicken breast was 2.67 a lb...the bone IN with skin breasts were 87 cents a lb.  I watched a lady literally look at them both for quite awhile and then angrily she took the boneless skinless.  I could tell she did not want to be handling any chicken in some butcher capacity.  It's just funny that she was willing to pay 3x the price.

I'm starting to think Dumb is the new Normal!


  1. I love a good salad!! I can almost immediately tell a difference when I do get my fruits and veggies! Love your posts as usual.

    <3 MacherieCoco aka Prissy Prepper from YouTube

    1. I love it too!!! Are you sure we aren't like distant cousins or something?