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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Love Kielbasa!!! Especially at $4 for 3 ropes

I'm really starting to like ecoupons...i like them even more when they are dating my regular coupons!

I have almost all my cards lined up with the shop name, number and address.  I'm getting specific deals according to my purchases...I noticed it attached a deal to the Mozart Kugeln chocolates for only 1.50 at any store! WooHoo - I'm going on a mission to find them all over town - because they are regular 6 bucks. I'm so excited!

This haul was $20.12.
I used my instant rebates, catalinas, coupons and existing points deals.  I just love those glass bottles with silicone jacket and I'm so excited to finally have my own label maker.  It wasn't a great deal but it was a good deal.  I figured out the puffs ended up being 49 cents each plus I got points!

My sister in law is grabbing up my cosmetic coupons and sally hansen gel nail strip coupons and I'm glad because I rarely use that stuff unless I can get stuff for $1 or free to put in the "for trade" bins.  truth be told I'm only a strong user of lip gloss and eyeliner!

This haul was $40.94.  that is still a lot more than I'd like to pay but considering I got 6 ropes of kielbasa, 2 lbs of all beef dogs, 1lb of cheese plus string cheese, 5 chocolate creamers, 5 goldfish, 70 corn tortillas, 20 flour tortillas, 9 salsa, 2 bags of spinach and 2 bags of salad was not a bad haul.  The dogs and kielbasa alone are worth it is what it is!

The exciting thing about the kielbasa and ball park angus dogs is that I have a fixed price of $5 per bag until Feb 12,2013...but more exciting than that I have $1 off 1 pack coupons!  We love the kielbasa in lieu of hotdogs in our chili dogs and I use the beef dogs to make homemade corn dogs and drop them in the freezer.  I also started making our own french fries because there are too many additives in the frozen store brand ones.

Yesterday I found 90 coupon books.  I already gave away 50 books.  There was a baileys creamer coupon in there for $1 which makes my creamers only 40 cents.  So awesome!  I love their creme brulee flavor and the gold cheesecake flavor!  But the coupons are iffy at best...I will put it this way - I wasn't itching to get to the store with any of them...not like the coupons of last fall that had me running to the store hunting down deals.

There is also a deal in there for wolf chili which will hopefully take those to 25 cents a can.  If I'm able to get 40 cans for 25 cents a piece I will give a dozen to my mom and the rest to the womens shelter because I can my own chili.  Mr. Man would NEVER eat them from a tin can because I do his Mom's recipe and it's hard to eat tinned food.  Also he doesn't like being exposed to heavy metals or aluminum because it gives him migraines.

I think I finally figured out why one of my viewers was always asking me where I get my coupons...and I am just laughing because I would never give up my source.  I mean damn if you want the damn coupons just send me an don't have to be deceptive to try and get my source so you can get a local friend of yours to snag my coupons.  HAHAHA --- I wasn't born yesterday and I definitely stay up all night.  So bring it if you want to...but you will fail.

Mr. Man was admiring my coupon binder and said,"you know now that you have that purple book of yours you entered 'hobby status' "  I was like,"EWWW this ain't no hobby"  He chuckled and said,"it's not a bad thing bebe"  I said "HOBBY...hobby is like all those chicks buying stuff at michaels who have no real artistic talent or taste but just get busy with their glue gun.  These coupons fortify our pantry! I started laughing and said there is a reason that the word 'crafty' almost sounds like the word 'CRAPPY' "  Now he always tell me when I throw it in the front seat of my car,"be careful out there with your book of gold"  HA!  He calls them "the real food stamps"  now THAT makes me laugh.  I tell you what --- when people see the coupon binder they are either impressed or mortified --- there is no middle.  I have seen people look at me with hatred for using coupons.  My friend John said it's their pathetic attempt at stealing my power but instead I end up robbing them of theirs.  It's not likely I will be phased by some dirty looks - I have Asian parents - I'm used to seething critical looks - HA!

On a more positive note:  Our little "play-niece" has been visiting more and more lately because she seems to love the park near our house and I always tell them stop by if you are around there's always a plate waiting for you!

She is always gravitating towards Mr. Man and they are always cracking each other up.  I'm so happy to see a happy, intelligent toddler.  She would not take a nap for her Mom but I was able to knock her out with 3 bars of ABC's sung to a different arrangement.  I think it's hilarious that the baby's father is jealous of Mr. Man.

I've been seeing a LOT of crazy kids at the grocery store.  I can't even imagine how BAD these kids would be at home if they are this bad at the store.  Incredible...I always tell the parents "you are a fantastic parent!"  I mean seriously my dog has more self control than a lot of these little beasts.

I've been seeing another weird little phenomenon.  The vacant eyed baby.  These are strange little babies that look KIND OF cute at first...and then you really look at them and they are hollow eyed little zombies.  You can see the lackluster spirit in them and it's FREAKY...WEIRD...almost kind of like seeing an abomination that doesn't make you vomit.  Yucky.  I told my friend I think some creatures are born without souls...even human ones. 


  1. Damn girl. I usually love your posts but this one's a bit over the top judgemental. I shop at Michaels- I scrapbook, sew and make jewelry. I also prep, coupon, and bargain hunt. I really hope you're joking about children being born soulless :( I think a bored or under stimulated might be a better way of putting it... sorry just my opinion.

    1. Having a hobby is fine, actually it is great ---I actually oil paint myself...i just did not like his comparison of couponing to being a hobby. Believe me Mixhaels gets plenty of my business. As far as the observation of the children I am only calling it as i see it. Bored or unstimulated to me is pretty evident being internally void is a whole other thing.

    2. Thanks for responding... I would love to see a post or video of your paintings :)

  2. Those vacant stares are def. because of poor parenting. Either 1) the parents are not talking to the children. They ignore them. They talk at them but not to them.... (trust me I see it all the time) or 2) the mom's on something and she was taking it while she was pregnant. Just saying.....