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Thursday, January 4, 2007

04 Jan 2007: Pushin' It...

The more I push...the more he pulled me closer. Even when we first met - I shook my head at him like Oh nu uh - no way. He said I was tryin' to play that I shook you away crap. But how is a woman to know that there are actually men out there who enjoy adversity and can see quality?

Yesterday I was just a sourpatch kid...Up at 7am and at work until almost 1o pm. After work I met up with Julian and Jay at their local sports bar. Oh you know what - I was just quiet and seemingly patient. It has to be understood that I'd been shuffling cold dead weight boards with cake on them pretty much all day and my shoulders were aching. So the car next to me starts honking that alarm honk. And why did Mr. Man run towards my car? So his boss cruises over LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF. He said "'ve got him - did you see that --- he heard that beep beep and ran over here like Yes Maam (salute motion) with his chest puffed out." I laughed and said," I didn't honk, that is IMPOLITE.I would never honk other than on the road" His boss was just crackin' up doin' this salute thing makin' whippin' noises. Silly men. Silly they may be they are still fun and full of positivity - how could you NOT enjoy being around them.

...I was quiet the whole way to his joint. Once we got there I couldn't figure out if I was hungry or parched. So I asked him,"should I throw some chicken and rice?" He looked at me like I was insane. I said "WUT?" He goes,"Do you really think you are cooking after the day you had? NO. I'm calling in dinner - decide what you want?" I decided I wasn't hungry so I had an orange and some popcorn and the dopest hand/shoulder rub EVER. And I didn't even have to ask.

...I never have to ask him for anything, he has quickly acquired presence in my life. It's strange to have nothing to complain about. It's odd to be around someone who makes things happen and with a smile on his face. It's a blessing to be invited on a journey with someone who is about true elevation and building on the foundation of SELF. He's clever but not obnoxious...athletic but not a knucklehead...ambitious but grounded in his upbringing...spiritual but tolerant and open minded. It's really odd to be with someone who is genuinely interested in conversation and better living. Time passes so quickly when we are together, it feels like 1 hug spans 20 minutes. Sometimes I purposefully act stubborn to test his reaction. Even Jay laughed and said NOW Girl - why you gonna do that - when you know he just likes to see that FIRE in you. Then they laugh and look at each other and nod. Ay Jeez.

He understands my reservations but he lacks insecurity.

...I'm held captive now. But it's okay.

Lucky me.


ps) Happy Birthday Rommel-Yo...

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