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Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 Jan 2007: Stuff I Kinna Miss...

...More Like Stuff i REALLY Miss...

SHORT HAIR. I miss my short hair. I started growing out my hair for one of my best girls weddings last summer. I've probably gotten it cut 7 times since but it's hitting my back now. Now I'm entrapped by the convenience of the ever evil pony tail. I have to admit there are days I'm like Damn, my mane is bonkers sexy - but most days I miss the freedom and ease of having low maintenance funky hair.

APRIL. and gigging with her and norae bang and soju and stuff...

MEESH. shoe whorin' cookin' coffee talkin' and all that stuff...

MR. MAN. I didn't think 5 or 6 days could be so long.

JT. Come back already.

LEISURELY DAYS ON THE COAST. I miss the scent of that salty air and knowing where the best bookstores and eateries are. I miss the sound of the sea otters barking and the long sound of boat horns.

YAY FAMILY MAYHEM. I miss the crazy fun of just bein' around everyone that is everyone to me. I like how we randomly laugh and how we all laugh in that similar cadence.

GODBEBE's. I miss them. They are growing up too quickly and I'm apprehensive they aren't getting the proper cookie intake like a godmommy should be providing. That and the quirky wisdom's that should be imparted by me. Sigh.

RANDOM ROAD TRIPS. Like to the Grand Canyon. Just because.

THE OLD BEAUTY. The old beauty of what I used to make.

BEAUTIFUL CHALLENGES. Like the sugar joints we used to make.


TIME TO BUY ART. I've got my eye on 2 pieces and actually already talked to one of the artists and haven't even got around to droppin' the cash. It's just ridiculous when you have the money and no time.

SLEEPIN' IN 2 DAYS IN A ROW. In the last month or so I've slept in maybe 1 day. Even on my days off I'm up and at it doing whatever. For the last 4 months it's been a nonstop grind of workin', being out of town or out ON the town, entertaining, or just handling daily living. I used to be able to sleep in...I'm wondering - when did I let that leisure go?

NIGHTLIFE BALANCE. I missed the KRS-one show tonight. I am simply slammed and in demand. I am not falling behind in what I do because I actually have TWO extra pairs of hands helping me --- it is simply a matter of demand and popularity right now. I actually think I am busier than during the holidays. The thought of making Valentines sweets is kind of filling me with dread.


I can't say that everything isn't good, coz actually it's great. By no means am I complaining. I'm just stoooopide happy. Perhaps when you are happy you remember. You remember other things that make you happy. Happiness has recently become exponential and I can't even SPEAK on how amazing all my friends have been - near AND far. I couldn't even EXPLAIN the kind of amazing journey I'm taking with Julian. The hilarity of all this is --- is just when you get a personal life --- you suddenly get hella busy. I'm blessed on all facets of this diamond encrusted life. I just wish I had room for a little more. I just need more time in the day. I just want to accomplish more and do more and see more.

I'm no longer who I was.

I am who I should be.

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