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Friday, January 5, 2007

05 Jan 2007: Scorpions Rock...

Uh no they don't.

So I got an unexpected day off today. I'm so happy I did coz it gave me the chance to just enjoy the day. I got up early as usual like I do when I'm at Mr. Man's house since we have a semblance of routine now. Then I went to 5 & Diner and got myself a chicken fried steak breakfast and let the regulars chat me up. I did some writing and killed like 4 cups of coffee. Then I put the top down on Madge and went shopping then I just drove for like 45 minutes enjoying the sun and the wind. I also went to the carwash and detailed my whip (bebewhip?)...deflected some clown in an escalade...then ran around some more. Takin' care of my own little errands.

Today is the first day in 2 weeks (possibly more) that Julian and I have not spent together. What a peculiar admission. I'm a bit glad though - coz when he came over the other day my room was just a bomb of boots, shoes and clothing. Then he mentioned last night, it's funny now your joint is a mess and mine is clean. I LOOKED AT HIM...and he said coz you are here all the time...haahhaha. I just shook my head. Anyhow - I wanted to take this time to catch up on laundry and just weed out the clothes that I've outgrown stylistically or are just too big.

So I went through each section of the closet and started baggin' stuff up for donation...short sleeve, long sleeve, tanks, hoodies, even some shoes...soo I get to the back left of the closet and there are a handful of dresses and I start tossing them to the pile. I pull out this black wool sleeved joint and it looks like there is a piece of bark or something on it...So I give it a shake before I throw it on the bedpile and that piece of bark...Ain't Bark!

It was like a 4 inch scorpion plus tail

Yah you READ me - PLUUUUUS tail...

...hella gross. I was a little surprised at my own initial reaction. I didn't scream or yell. I just gasped as my leg lifted into the air and I stepped and dragged my sneaker across it. The oddest thing was that the tail didn't get smashed - it yanked off and even after the scorpion body was in smithereens - the tail moved and curled on it's own. So Yucky.

...I told my brother and he goes No Way - and laughs.

...I told my sister and she said HOW big - ew Scary.

...I told my boyfriend and he said are you Okay? Then laughed that I failed to scream but rather had a stronger will to live than the bug. I'm like how you gonna laugh? I could of been in the ER right NOW. He's like Yah right - like I said you're instinct for self preservation is really HIGH.


On a lighter note - I got the cutest pair of wedges. I'm gonna break the rules and rock them this winter with a white nylon fitted coat - WUT.

I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time to get any feet treats. Today was a great day - scorpion incident and ALL.

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