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Sunday, January 14, 2007

14 Jan 2007: Bomblette's Trois...the third episode

Bomblette's went fabulously...

Although - I did miss my WEndiZZLe and Grime-y. I also missed my fabulous Diosa who was feelin' under the weather but whom I sent a bomblette plate via the Hydacious. I feel like I hadn't seen Hydacious in way too long. Blurred but True. (see below)

The call it omelettes plus roasted potatoes and grimey french toast that don't need syrup. The produce guy is fabulous and I'm gonna be a permanent fixture at his farmer's market.

Roll Call:

The 7th Letter


LT aka Reflekshin



The fabuloso Baron

Miss Vee & the Gorgeous Jaden

Phat E +1


Kzo aka Cheez


Mizz Tina



I can never stop sayin' what a JOY it is to be around Gya...

It's tough bein' full of food...but this time LT din't give me shit for givin' him too small of a plate and even laced me with 2 faboo cd's for my work joints. Thank you LT!

The flow of dopely deep conversation and mimosa's in combination with bomblette's led to goodbye's to take naps. Holla at Mr. Mesi and Senor Mattx in Calie - you'll get bomblette's too.


...funniest phone call ever...

Julian: How's bomblette's

Me: Still goin (told him what was bein' grubbed)

Julian: I'm jealous, do I have to hear this now?

Me: Okay I'll be nice

Julian: Tell everyone I said hey whassup and thanks for enjoying my girlfriend while I'm on a business trip...

Me: I'm not tellin' them that shit - they enjoyed me before you got promoted to boyfriend...

Julian: *laughs*


I spent the better part of the night at Katie's visiting and catching up. I'm a little torque'd and thinkin' about things. I should be in bed but I'm not. I'll pay the piper tomorrow...but for now my brain has stuff to chew on.

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