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Monday, January 22, 2007

22 Jan 2007: Hair's Longer, Heart's Stronger, Folk's "Wronger"

...Hair's Longer...

Yesterday I went to work positively exhausted...But I guess when people find you irresistable - what can you do, you can't be left to sleep. I had my hair in 2 nehru knots at the base of my skull, a toque on my head and chapstick on. Jesse walked in towards the end of me bakin' off almost 20 sheetpans of cake and futzing with some raspberry mousse cakes and tiramisu. I said Hi Jesse. He said Hahahahaha --- you look like shit. And let out this hearty laugh. I said leave me alone you gonna tell me that. He laughed even harder and said you tell me when I look like I'm hurtin' hahahaha. Everyone was laughing at me coz I was seriously dragging despite all the work I did. My mental was strong but my physical was questionable after about 7 hours.

I kept yankin' on my hair coz of my general exhaustion. It occurred to me that I missed my hair appointment. I was thinkin' of choppin' this all on Saturday and lettin' it fly to the wind and bringin' the "OG Sauce" back. I guess you forget for a reason. Besides...why not. It's easier to subtract than to add when it comes to hair.

Julian said you should braid it, it will grow faster. I said that's not the case with Asian Honey' grows faster when it's left free. He laughed hella hard and said - ah, thanks for answering my question without answering my question...I was wondering why you tie it up all the time. Clever.

But feel free to post your votes for Chop or Grow...

...Heart's Stronger...

We babysat for Bree and J.R. on Saturday because it was their anniversary. I am a strong believer that even though you love the kids sometimes you just have to go be yourselves and be a couple. It's not that you don't love them, it's just that you have to strengthen you individuality away from that parental role. Besides, those kiddo's are a joy.

When we drove up Julian went into the house and I lollagagged behind. Well I parked right in front of their house and I could see Julian carryin' little man and he was laughing and smiling with him and said,"Look Madden, who's that outside..." And Little Man pointed and squealed and clapped. Hahahha. Julian said,"Yes...your auntie..." I walked in the house and he ran right to me. I carried him for a bit and put him down and he pulled me to the stove and said, "HOT..." This mini pimp was tellin me to cook for his ass. Haaaaaaaa hahhahhaha. Don't think I didn't have some piroulines stashed in a pastry bag for him - coz I did --- Bwaa haahha. Later that night I was askin' Bree and J.R. if there would be a problem at the B-Y-E...they weren't sure. So as they were walkin' towards the door we were all spellin' B-Y-E...and I was tryin' to fake carry him into the kitchen and he turned to look and said BYE BYE. Bwaa hahahhhaa.

It was an awesome night. I spent majority time with Little Man and Julian spent majority time with the Little Princess. Someone was really enjoying playing house. Funny thing is after our friends had gone to dinner they called and said they were just coming back to hang out and tilt some back with us coz they really enjoyed our company. You know basically what I'm sayin' is that I have new friends now. Coz when the little ones call me auntie - and the parentals are sayin' oh Yah you're an auntie now - game over, we're all friends. It's so comfortable there...hangin' out and laughin' and talkin...the kids squealing and jumping coz there's just happiness in the air. No expectations just fabulous company.

I know it's all good when his very good friends tell me that they've never seen him like this or this happy in the whole time he's lived here. I know it's all good when they tell me that I have a good guy coz he's done this and this or done that. I know it's all good when they tell me I'm the only girl he's ever brought in the house to meet them and the kids the whole time he's been in Arizona. It is all GOOD.

There hasn't been any room for error.

Then again why would there be errors with a man who refuses to fail.

...Folk's "Wronger"...

Mom is here from overseas and she's been a bit sick for the last few days so I took her to the Urgent Care joint coz she has no doctor here.

First of all why do the receptionists ask you the same question over and over. I finally turned to them and said ,"no...for the 3rd time --- since your asses can't pay attention." Yup that fixed it.

Second of all why do they make you fill out an online pre symptom form thing when you know they are just going to ask you the same thing in the examining room? So I asked the receptionist and she had no answer...perhaps because her BEHEMOTH ass was shovin' a 12 inch quizno's in her face instead of helping people. Watch your triple chin girl.

HEY, if you don't like people don't go into healthcare you ASSHATS.

Third of all...why is the only Asian lady in the room wearing some Gucci Stunna shades and some passable bling on the finger....well --- why are her children rockin pajamas, snot trails to their CHINS and bedhead nest on the back of their heads at 11am. WOMAN - pull your shit together. Then she had the nerve to look over at mom repeatedly coz mom was damn near passin' out in the chair. Well I always stand behind mom like a body guard and I ain't stuntin'...After about the 4th time - I leaned forward towards the Asian lady and said,"I WISH YOU WOULD LOOK AT MY MOTHER ONE MORE TIME..." She moved her chair a bit to the right. I'm so happy she had an instinct for survival.

About 250 bucks later we were out of there. About 130 bucks later we were out of the pharmacy. I stopped for gatorade, energy drinks and some other random stuff. I also stopped for some chicken strips. Those bahhhhtches were on one too...lookin' at me crazy coz I asked for ranch.

HEY -- if you don't like people don't go into food service Bahhtches.

...More "Wronger" part deux...

Remnants of the past. They haunt us all don't they. This is the funny thing - It is so inane that it makes me laugh when the people who screw up FEEL they are entitled to anger or position in your life. You aren't entitled to shit. Take that egocentric manmade drama and put it in the trunk (IF yo' ass got a car)...but yah put it in the trunk and take it 2 exits down - away from me.

If you are the one who went wrong - don't act like an amnesiac...don't let get selective amnesia and think you have a right to anything. Damn, I wouldn't even let my dog fart on your face, because my dogs have training which is much more than you can say for people.

If you think anyone pities you - they don't hunny.

If you think people are laughin' at you - they prolly are. Coz you gave away your body or body parts as easily as free samples at Costco. No one really has to call you a dumbass - you got a tshirt and a shotglass.

If you think you were the best thing ever...really you were just a 2 for 1 dollar candy bar to pass the hunger until the realness came on a platter.

If you think you can book someone a guilt trip - you ain't no travel agent.

If you think I'm crackin' up and fallin' out my chair right now...well, at least you are right about that.

If you think you can approach two positives with rotating prepared to lose some extremities. It's a warning for you to curb your ego - because really grasping at straws is not so cute.

My boy told me today..."oh boo Hoo's tough being fabulous." He's like do you disagree? I said I neither agree nor disagree. I simply exist. He laughed and replied,"Spoken like a truly exquisite woman who is modest and of quality..."

'nuff said.

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