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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

09 Jan 2007: It was just...sp"UH"ghetti

If you are having problems with the can opener and can't open the tomato sauce - please don't let Julian approach with a meat tenderizer! Bwaaa hahaha I had to stop THAT with the quickness while Jay quickly walked away to protect himself from potentially flying tomato sauce.

Bwaaaaaa hahahha.

I must say Julian endured all the shit we gave him for that. And he actually endured it with a good sense of humor. He was like you two didn't even know what I was gonna do with the meat tenderizer. I was like,"all I saw in my head was tomato sauce on the walls and ceiling that we would be cleaning..." Jay added,"THAT is why I moved back here quickly..."


...on little things...

So last night he was doing his laundry in that distracted manner that he does. He actually suggested calling in dinner since I was feeling under the weather but not haltingly sick. I said NO. He said WHY NOT. I said it's simply not cost effective to order in dinner - especially after you bought all those groceries. He said Okay. How easy was that?

But seeing to how I was fighting being sick - I decided on spaghetti, since there was extra sauce I also made ziti plus some butter sauteed broccoli with colby jack cheese. I was slicing and dicing and sautee-ing. It's funny, when I got there all the dishes had already been done and put away. Actually, the truth is...Julian more often than not cleans while I'm cooking so there is no mess lurking about. Impeccable home training. I like the conversations we have while dinner is being made. Sometimes I find it a bit shocking that someone as handsome as he is can be so conversational and participatory. Sometimes we even debate on certain issues and when I get all bent he makes this face at me and says Don't smile Sauce don't smile. You knucklehead! You know that's just gonna make me smile.

Well last night I was babysitting the pasta sauce and noodles because I'm adjusting to their superhot stove and Julian came up behind me to give me a hug. He was being affectionate (per usual)...and commenting on how good everything smelled. He was also sayin' how Jay told him,"your girl is the bomb man..." I laughed and said Jay only said that coz Italian food is his favourite. Bwaa hahahhaa. Julian disagreed with me and agreed with Jay sayin' well you ARE. We were just standing in the kitchen talking and laughing and hugging. "Turn the heat down on that...let me hold you for awhile..." We both knew a 3-5 day business trip was coming and it would be productive time spent apart. It's still full of tender wonder.

I caught our reflection in the window...nothing tells more than the body language of two people who really dig each other. I also caught a girl walkin' to her car lookin' up at our 2nd story window, I saw her smile and get into her vehicle. Even strangers smile upon us.

I have a lot more to say - but the last week has been exhausting. I'm makin' changes this year and now I'm payin' the piper. So I'm off to bed with a goodnight call from you know who and falling stars in my eyes.

How can something so new seem so familiar?

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