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Sunday, January 7, 2007

07 Jan 2007: Gangsta Noodles

Hosted by the fabulous Miss Vee and Mister their crib in Tempetown. The whole concept of noodle bowls started for me when someone said to me long ago,"BUT WHAT CAN YOU REALLY DO WITH RAMEN..." Bwwaa hahaha Take a Seat Son - coz you're about to see. So I make a "few" sides...some parboiled and fresh veggies. You boil the ramen - put it in a bowl without broth - then you top it with your selections and then bathe your bowl in broth. At that point you can either start eating or top with hot sauces, sesame oil and or more veggies.

Here's a Peek at what went down.

Sauteed Cabbage with White Onion

Fresh Sugar Pea Sprouts

Sugar Pea Sprouts with a touch of soy and sesame oil

Ginger Beef with Bamboo Shoots and Bell Pepper

Garlic Baby Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce

Shrimp with Green and Yellow Bell Pepper

Quick thrown veggies with water chestnut

Yes children there is more than 1 kind of Sriracha.

Just a chicken stir fry joint

Don't be mad...bwaa hahhaha. First time I've seen Wendizzle since she went back home for the holidays - Grrr - the rice calls. I love Mattx shock face and Grimey's concentration.

Phat E bailing en route to a dj gig. Full of food and other stuff.

Crash gettin' his leftovers on...

Brandon, Mattx & Breez...gettin ready for the midway elimination rounds on the X Box and Stuff...

Looks Like Grime's got the Prize --- WUT!

You know I brought my girl the coco soy juicebox. She's the best date ever! RECO-KNOW-DAT.

What do you all know about Hello Kitty Ramune Drinks!

K-zo doin' his best to love the cookie...Yes everyone, they actually convinced me to make cookies - GYA put that one in the universe (why don't I have pics of Gya and Breez and Me.) No sooner had she said it, and Vee had all the ingredients...well no sooner was it said than it was done. Cookies and Cordials' all around...Then Wendy won the battle rounds and outchamped all the boys in Street Fighter - WUT. Thank you B and V for being always gracious and positive and full of light. Thank you Jaden for being called by the scent of baking cookies and coming downstairs with a big eyed smile. Thank you Mattx for your perfect bowls. Thank you Gya for just lingering and helping. Thank you everyone for everything big and small...

The only thing missing was Julian - but what can you do, when work isn't really work, it's not so bad to do it all the time. We still many food gigs coming throughout the year. And Wendizzle did suggest a housewarming gig at the boys joint. Big fun.


My amazing shock at coming home this morning. My sisters dogs eating about 75 bucks worth of oil paint and smearin it on the carpet - yucky. Someone told me not to be mad because they just miss me coz i'm hardly ever around. It's hard to not be mad, but he was right.


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