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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

16 Jan 2007: Oooh I think he likes me...

Oooh I think he likes me...Julian's godbebe that is.

I met the godbebe for the first time on Christmas Eve and bein the smart kid he is he was a bit standoffish with me and just looked at his Uncle Jules with total love and happiness in his eyes. I met him the second time on New Year's Day for the NY's Day Luncheon - I think we became "friends" after he got that fried rice. Then yesterday we all hung out, over beef dishes and conversation.

Little man was so sick yesterday but still in good spirits. He was still runnin' around throwin' a football and laughin. He wanted to be picked up and jumped back and forth between me and Julian. The funniest thing I saw was after he ate the beef fried rice - he picked up his sippy cup of juice and walked over to the living room where Julian and JR were and set his cup on the end table and sat on the sofa. Then this not even 2 year old little man put an arm on the sofa looked right to his godfather and looked left to his dad and just leaned into the cushions. Bwaa hahahha - I almost fell out laughing - except the look on his face was like YAHHH I'm leanin'...


He always says my eyes look like rosepetals...Do they?


I don't remember pillow talk bein' this intelligent...


Yesterday was a perfect day. Sunny and cold, zippin' down the highway in doppio with the biggest smiles on our faces - doing some shopping, grabbin' a gelato (erm - how does he charm the pants off ALL people), pickin' up some navel oranges and banana chips for little man...then dinner and kickin' back with friends. It wasn't what we did - it was the demeanor in which we did it. It's crazy how contagious happiness is.

I must say after we left the shop and the coffee joint - I later got a text that said,"Homeboy is hot! Good job on that one!" Bwaa hahahha. See the girls don't play, they will just say. Oh this will be hot topic for a minute. hahhahha. Two striking people can't help but walk around smiling.

Just when I think happiness is level - the bar rises.

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