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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blam Blam Blam...haha

Some Stuff Around the House...

I was puttering around in the garage looking for my bread hook and these glass mason jars from Italy. Instead I found this thing: BIOMAT 2000.

I guess my mom had left it in the garage in one of our multiple moves. I had Mr. Man put it in the living room so I could see what it was all about. I googled it - and found on - "Bio-Mat 2000 is made with natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits long wave infrared rays that penetrates the body 14-15cm (5.5 to 6 inches). The rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deep parts of our body. These rays vitalize the biological function of our cells and increase circulation, relieves neuralgia, backache, arthritis pain, eliminates toxins and carbon dioxide from our blood, performs an antibacterial function. "

So I rolled it out near my desk and kind of chuckled. I plugged it in and said yeah yeah. It kind of warmed up and I laid on it and waited. Well, let me tell you this; ever since school started 7 weeks ago i started getting weird pains in my knees - I think it's coz they have these weirdo ergonomic chairs that have netted seats and I've been sleeping sporadically so I have some lower back pain. I also have a nagging shoulder pain from cooking and prepping food. So I didn't expect the biomat to do anything but since it's already here and it's not going to cost me anything I figured why not give it a shot. Besides, if it didn't work I would just have the biggest heating pad on the planet.

I laid on it and started boning up on my bio ethics reading and I fell asleep. Not only did I fall asleep but I fell asleep for 6 hours - face down in my book - ha ha. I also noticed that my feet didn't hurt (did I mention my feet kind of hurt from standing all night and walking all day). I kind of chuckled, read my chapter then got into my regular bed.

So I continued to lay on it while I was doing my reading and studying and ended up taking a nap on it daily - some days twice daily...and weirdly enough the pain in my knees is gone, the pain in my shoulder is gone and the lower back pain is barely there. LOL. go figure. Don't you hate it when your Mom is right?

This past weekend we did some stuff we never did before.

We went to the LDS Cannery to pick up some bulk staples instead of buying it all the time in small quantities. Well, basically the Mormon folks allow you to buy in bulk the first time in whatever quantity you would like to buy, but any visit after that they require you to come in with a member and that way you can also use the canning equipment on "family" night. They do this because it is a NON PROFIT warehouse that is open to the general public. Basically we got a tour of the joint and then a view of the bulk items for sale.

We will not have a problem going back since we have quite a few Mormon friends who will accompany us, but we wanted to put that out there so if anyone goes the first time and they intend to buy stuff - make it count - buy as much as you can. We didn't because we can go at any time. It was bonkers though - because their red wheat is only 7.25 for a 25 lb bag and those are about 40 dollars retail - the dried beans were 11 bucks - those are normally about 24.50 for the 25lb size. The dried milk is normally about 60 bucks a bag - but there it was only 30 bucks. Also they had the oxygen packs at 10c a piece...which is pretty comparable to the amazon price, but these seemed bigger and I didn't have to pay shipping. We also purchased the canned white flour - 72 lbs but good for 10 years because we can mix that with the red wheat flour. We don't drink a lot of milk - but it is nice to use it for baking bread - making pancakes and waffles - etc. All in all i think we spent about 199 bucks for 276 lbs of food.

I know what you are saying flour is not food. Well it makes food. 1 25 lb bag of flour can make about 250 loaves of bread. Or hand made chinese noodles, or pasta, or cookies - and cakes - well you get the point.

We surpassed our goal of 1000 lbs of combined storage - we are at 1250 lbs now and can finally relax. Now we can focus on quality and the bigger things we have on our list (home water filtration system, outdoor pizza oven, etc).

And finally, Mr. Man got me a little something for my EDC (every day carry).

The Glock 27 .40 cal.

Let me preface this with something. A few months ago we started scanning the newspapers for articles about home invasions in Arizona - because we had been hearing about them but didn't see anything in the news. It turns out that there are a lot of home invasions --- ARMED home invasions where they are holding guns in the women and childrens mouths in order to get the other people to give up any valuables hidden in the house. Then my psychology teacher told me that last year some emo punk tried to mug her for her laptop in the parking lot (and we live in a nice area) - well when I told Mr. Man this he basically went out and got me a Mossberg 500 persuader shotgun, showed me how to disassemble it, clean it, assemble it and load it. He said that it just didn't sit right with him that I was at home "alone" all the time and that even 3 dogs was not really insurance for a warning. I didn't think that I was comfortable with that shotgun, until someone pulled up our driveway in out of state plates and looked like he was fishing for something under the seat. I racked that shotty and asked who's that? Turned out to be my sisters friend. Mr. Man woke up out of a dead sleep and said,"I'm glad to see you are really comfortable with that thing..."

Well more recently, he has become concerned about how things are getting crazier and crazier (more muggings, more home invasions, more everything)...and he picked up a smaller version of his gun for me to use. I was a little apprehensive because I've never shot a handgun, I've only shot a rifle out in the country and that was years ago. The shotgun never bothered me because it is pretty much point and click, and learning to check it and empty it properly. The baby glock is a whole different story

So we put on our goggles and earmuffs. I reviewed hand and thumb positions an lined it up...Long story short - I got 35 out of 39 - 4 strayed off the body and 1 completely off the target. LOOOOL. Imagine that. Mr. Man was very proud but he said he was not surprised and expected that not only would I enjoy it but that I would be good at it.

I remember a discussion 2 months ago about what caliber would be appropriate for me. I was thinking more along the lines of a .22 but he was confident that I could handle a .40 or .45. I encouraged him to get the .40 so we can use 1 type of caliber for multiple weapons. He was right - after you get over the initial snappiness of this gun it's not that bad. I also find that for me the best aim recovery is when i shoot rapidly and not think about it too much.

It's fun and just one more thing that we can do together.

I want to also state this: I tried to encourage a friend to get something for home protection and he actually asked if I was becoming "an Arizona Militia freak." Hahaha that is really sad. Anyone that knows me knows that even if I can flash my temper I'm quicker with my words than my well trained fist. It is simply a matter of protection and availability meaning that if you can use your second amendment rights why not use them. If you are able to pass the initial screen upon purchase and afford it - why NOT arm yourself. We are not careless or reckless, we follow safety protocol and Mr. Man takes tactical lessons.

Which brings me to this: I once had a friend that screamed bloody murder about the patriot act and how could they take away the rights of those to express their disapproval through protest. But with that same mouth she also screamed for GUN CONTROL --- because supposedly any old retard could get a gun in her not so humble opinion. To that i say BULLSHIT . If you are looking at constitutional rights - you must defend all the rights. It is ethical to preserve the autonomy to USE your rights - you cannot pick which rights are valuable and which are invaluable. That is like saying that the life of a lawyer is more valuable than a homeless guys - so let's just harvest the homeless guys organs and give them to the "valuable" of society. It just goes to show you - sometimes you give people too much credit that they are actually free range thinkers - oh wells.

Think what you want to think, that's your prerogative - but if SHTF don't come knocking and banging on my door mooching for food and weapons because I warned you and unlike most people you have the means to insulate yourself.


  1. OOOoohhhh you go girl!!! Hubby and I are going to the range tomorrow - he is more nervous than me lol. GREAT job at the cannery - I am so jealous - but thanks for the tip because I haven't gone yet and you just helped me understand to get what I need all at once. I don't have any Mormon friends so I would be out of luck! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey you keep up the good work too - I see your garden is really panning out. I think I killed my compost it's going super slow - but we drove by this tree farm that sells compost so maybe i'll juice mine up and they will look like yours!