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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

no Hitchhiking...

I've been in school about 7 weeks now. My classes are slowly thinning out and you by this time I have figured out who is an A student and who is just skimming by.

I got some pet peeves:

1) Don't show up 30 minutes late to class EVERY time in full makeup, your hair done and with a starbucks. THEN come in and start working on the laptop for a different class.

2) Just coz you don't give a shit doesn't mean you can talk about your boyfriend makeup etc.

3) Don't hitch hike on my work coz I do my work in advance - get yo' own shit.

4) Why do people think being absent on test days is actually doing ANYTHING?

5) If you are doing a group test don't do your crappy 20% of it THEN ask if I did mine.

6) Brush your EFFING teeth or turn the other way when you talk to me.

7) Why are there 1-3 pregnant teens in all of my classes - who tell me i've been trying to get pregnant too long and what's 'wrong' with me. Really bitch? Coz you live at home, are on welfare and food stamps and sit there steadily drinking coffee. Damn. Stupid ass baby motels have the NERVE to act like I'm deficient coz I have problems conceiving - I'd like to kick them in their gestating guts.

8) Stop texting all session then ask me where we are at in the lecture.

9) Did anyone ever tell you that it's gross to snap and chew your gum that loud? Cow.

10) Stop making unrelated comments to the class ("my brother barfed in my dresser").


  1. Now tell us how you REALLY feel! :)

  2. lol you ain't the only one with trolls around here - but mine are live and in person. haha.