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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm counting on It...Taking Inventory

So...My 2 Moms are in town (Biological Momma (bmom) and GodMomma (gmom)) and they run the show - truth be told they are just very mellow creatures who like the simple things in life and hanging out with us. They are also the miniature Rambo's of thrift shopping. I really didn't know how they would take all of this prepping stuff. B Mom kind of chuckled at the sight of the dehydrator and canning stuff...I'm really not gonna bicker with her about it because I can't waste any energy on anything but school and prepping. My Gmom has an old sister who is into canning - the Nuns in her schools were American and they regularly canned things to give to the poor or just to store, so my Gmom said oh if your Mommy P was around she would love all of this - I will bring her marmalade and veggies you make.

About 2 days later they asked me about the food stuff again - and I showed them the price of things through the ads and pointed out that generally speaking the price of butter mirrors gas...meat is usually 2 dollars more than gas...and milk is 2 dollars less. They agreed that all that was true even if they never used that as a price gauge. I told them gas has been increasing about 7-10 cents a week and LA is already at 4.29 right now. I said when gas is 5-7 dollars how much will food be? That finally quelched it.

I've been really perturbed by the Japan disaster, the Libya Farce and other goings on and I feel this urgency to prep harder and harder and harder. I really have to rein it in when I am out shopping. I try to stay at the price points I've set for myself.

I've also been forgetting to add in preps that are given to me coffee, macadamia, ceramic knives, ginger tea, kona coffee, dried mango, coconut oil etc...I really need to get on top of it and start tracking stuff. I'm so lucky that I get preps from overseas that cost a ton here.

So last night I did most of the asparagus canning style - so 12 quarts...and there was one bottle left of the candied orange peel so i threw it in there. I know that they aren't as good as fresh
but if SHTF - we've got 17lbs of asparagus available to eat.

I am also dehydrating 7 lbs of the asparagus for storage...because I've done micro asparagus and it stored and rehydrated very Yay for us.

Gardening attempt Part 2...

My life coach Mushroom whom i met in a chat, really helped me figured out some basic issues that I know nothing about with over watering, underexposure to sun etc. She put also clued me in on what to plant when. Thank You Madame Mushroom! I water from the bottom to avoid drowning the poor little guys.

The squash is short and fat...and it is what I found in the bucket I'd tossed as dead plants.

The cucumber and yellow beans seem to like it outside. It was highs of 93 last week but this week it dropped to 67 in the day and 50's at night and i tell you what these little seedlings sure look happy. I've never grown anything from seeds before!

I can't wait til these squash come in - it's butternut - so i'm going to fry them like chips

Here's my beans - that's just from 4 beans yipee...time to move them and bury them deeper. and move them to buckets soon - i don't have much dirt - i have to go see the compost lady soon.

This is all very new to me - but we're just gonna Keep On Preppin!

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  1. Canned stuff really looks good! Thanks for the advice on coupons. FK