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Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Just kidding. Well there are knuckleheads out there. But the knuckles i'm talking about is Gnocchi - it's basically an Italian dumpling made of mashed potatoes, flour and an egg. I've always liked gnocchi for the chewy give it has but in looking at the recipe I realized that most people have preps that include potatoes, flour and egg (you may also substitute flaxseed for egg - email me if you don't know how to do the substitute).

Gnocchi comes from the word knuckle. It is supposed to resemble knuckles. In more recent years people have started running it off the back of the spoon prior to blanching them - i do NOT. The key is to use a light sauce and to blanch them in hot water in SMALL batches (15 or so pieces) until they float.

The easiest way to remember the recipe is 2-1-1

2 large potatoes
1 cup of flour (loose)
1 egg (beaten)
pinch of salt


Cook Potatoes, Peel and Mash - set aside to cool
You may use a fork or a masher or a potato ricer - it doesn't really make a difference to me
Just try to get them reasonably fluffy - without big chunks

Boil water (6-8 quarts) with a touch of sea salt.

Pile the potatoes into a mound and drizzle the egg and flour onto the potato.

I cut mine together with a pastry cutter and get under it with a spatula

Just add flour if the dough is too sticky. add a bit at a time and work it through.

I find that red potatoes are stickier than idaho or yukons...the reds require a bit more flour and the whites require a lot less. But just work it until the dough is moist and firm like a good pillow.

Divide that into 8 pieces and roll into logs - Dust with flour

Cut into 3/4 inch pieces - dust again -

To shape them I bring them around my pinky finger and pinch the ends so there is an indent like a fat letter "C" - Just do it with confidence and keep at it. I like it so the groove is about the same depth as between my knuckles. Some people pinch it against the back of a fork to get that ridged appearance. it's up to you- Try both ways and do what is easiest to you.

Drop a batch at a time (15-20) into the boiling water. When they float up they are ready - just drizzle with sauce, fresh oregano or basil and a bit of grated cheese and it's ready to eat. Don't drown it. Don't overcook it. Just enjoy it.

So let's review.

Boil, Peel, Cool.
Boil Water
Work Dough
Cut into 8
Cut into 3/4 inch
Drop and Float

If you have any questions - just email me, I will be around.

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