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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Give Mama Some Sugar...Effin Chase Bank

So Um...the banksters (gangster bankers) are at it again. First of all I don't LIKE Chase - if any of you didn't know their initial wealth was gained through slavery - the buying, selling and using of slaves. So if that is the foundation of their seed money - what makes you think it isn't embedded in their corporate culture. But that's a whole OTHER blog.

JP Morgan is taking delivery of almost 1 Million (yeah 1 MILLION) metric tons of sugar including raw sugar. For what? Last time I saw that was called cornering the market. I remember last year when that English Guy tried to take delivery of 7% of the world cocoa (cacao) market - they popped his ass. and I think that was only a quarter million tons. And just like the Jp Morgan dorks - his little plot leaked also. I think his name is Anthony Ward...but unlike Anthony Ward - Chase is gonna get away with this cornering the market shit.

Now I know a lot of you will say - oh so what we can live without sugar. Well sure we can. But primarily I use it in my baking of cakes and cookies, and to feed the yeast for my bread and for preservative (for pickling, jams jellies and marmalade,). Also know that sugar is used to rehydrate in combination with salt and baking soda to create electrolytes. Sugar is used in the processing of medicines both pill and syrup. Also, it's just nice to have a bit of sugar in your coffee or lemonade sometimes - it makes life a bit better. But no one in this house is addicted to sugar.

This country and many other countries are VERY addicted to sugar. I can't tell you how many people at work and school and in the general public LOSE THEIR EFFIN MINDS if they can't have their soda/gatorade/starbucks. It's in a lot of the buns you eat at fast food joints, and it's in all the soft drinks, it's even in some of the meat you eat and you don't even know it. To give you an idea of consumption in Asia a regular soda is 6 oz - that's a childrens size drink here, and a large is probably about a 12 oz. here the small is now 16 oz and the large is about 1 liter. People drink these throughout the day and are accustomed to drinking processed drinks on that level. If they go through the combination of sugar and caffeine withdrawal it could be bad news for the rest of us who have our heads on right.

We are very spoiled with the many decades of sugar at a low price. I have seen harvests of sugar cane - it is dangerous (machete and machining) and scary (field snakes and sugar cane rats) and it is also back breaking work that is hard on your hands. My parents first house was actually in Spreckels, California. They had this little clapboard farmhouse looking things and for many years I could not stand the smell of sugar and I attributed it to the processing of beets for sugar. But that is the easy way to create sugar. I saw a place in OHIO that still makes beet sugar on my last trip to Detroit and Chicago. I have always known that sugar was not easy to make, but even I took for granted it's low price and availability -- I could bake whatever I wanted and send out cookies, candies, cakes, cupcakes, chocolates whenever I felt like it. But that is about to change.

I don't want to go on about the things this will impact - but I can tell you it will impact a lot of things you take for granted that come at a cheap price. I'm not writing this to make anyone panic and buy up some sugar - I'm writing this so that we can all face the fact that the powers that be are trying to SCREW us out of every last dime and jack up the market. Having said that - go out and buy yourself some as soon as possible. It does not really expire if you put it away properly - and get all forms of sugar - white sugar, superfine sugar, powdered sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, raw sugar, raw cane sugar (golden), muscovado, zap sugar, crystallized sugar for cupcakes...just put it away and call it a day - it's not like it's going to hurt you to have it...if you don't use it this year then you just use it over the next couple years and your grocery bags won't be as heavy.

I tell you this - shit could be hitting the fan - but if I'm pulling some cookies out the oven it is a little spot of happiness in someones day. Like the old Momma's say - it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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