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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End Of March Haul....Be Popeye!

So it's the end of the month...last haul!

I hit the store this morning mainly to pick up some chayote and chicken. Chayote is a vegetable pear - and pretty much absorbs any flavor you put it with in a saute.

The overall price was 34.80 for 40+lbs of stuff.

Foil (20 ft) was only 68 cents
Light Red Kidney Beans - 98 cents a lb
New Star Spinach (6 oz) - 99cents a bag
Nestle semi sweet morsels (8oz) - 95 cents

Truly - the Chocolate was the best deal. Understand that bags of chocolate run at about 3.49 a bag for 15oz. These ones I picked up are marketed as a "topping" but are the same exact chocolate that they sell in the baking section. They are mini morsels - but I like these in waffles, pancakes, choco chip cookies and brownies. Score - and I will be hitting up their sister stores to get more of them to send overseas and to stock up.

This pasta is in 7 oz pkgs but they were 6 packages for 1 buck. The spinach is something we eat daily and I also dehydrate it.

The cucumber (6 for 96 cents) is dried into chips (the 2 moms love it), the boneless skinless chicken was 99 cents a lb - i will can this into ginger chayote chicken, and can the other part of the chicken into teriyaki chicken - non thickened and when you eat and heat it you just thicken with cornstarch and serve over rice. The chayote was 5 for $1

So Popeye said eat spinach it makes you strong. We added spinach to our preps -- just dry it with the stem tucked under the leaf because the stems take a bit longer to dry. One 6 oz bag dries to about half an oz in weight and will fit in a sandwhich bag. How do we use it? You can reconstitute the spinach and make it into creamed spinach. You can just throw some on a cup of noodles or nong shim bowl for extra flavor and vitamins. You can crumble it over your rice or pasta dishes. Sure it's about flavor - but it's also about nutrition. Plus I prefer the flavor of the dehydrated versus the canned spinach.

More to come in my next blog with CANNING MY CHICKEN THIGHS!

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