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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I got that Ass-paragus. LOL

I was up pretty Early this morning...and took my Mom to her doctors appointment and then went home to study up for a bit. Well mom has been talking about asparagus for like 3 days - when I went to pick her up around 10-ish they said she would still be an hour. So I went 2 blocks over to see my produce guy on the off chance that he would have some good asparagus.

I walked in and saw some 2.25 lb bundles and it had a sign that said 99cents today only. I started putting some in my cart and the produce guy walked up to me and said Hello...I said,"HI what a great deal!" He smiled and said,"Wanna case so your asparagus isn't damaged?" I said heckkkk Yeah! So it was exactly 27lbs of Asparagus for 12 bucks. LOOOOOL.

These 2 older ladies walked by me and said,"Goodness young lady what are you doing with all that?" I said eating it, canning it, dehydrating it. They are like Oh you can - my kids never wanted to learn to do that! I said well it saves a ton of money and it's nice to have a favorite food around even in the off season! They smiled and said - where did you find that asparagus again? I just pointed them in the right direction.

I will post a blog on the canning of asparagus later! But I am so jazzed! .44 cents a pound is UNREAL. I picked up my Mom and popped the back of the truck and said LOOK what I got you - she said,"oh that's so much, why so much, how much?" Then I told her and she was like WOW.

I also picked up 21 lbs of Italian Sea Salt at the end of an aisle and I was out of there.
What a great haul today. I mentioned my haul in this preppers chat-room I frequent and someone (Hi Trunz) asked,"do you only prep what happens to be on sale??" This is what I said...I met my goal in my supplies basics (rice, beans, wheat, meat, canned, dehydrated), so I started dehydrating whatever veggies are on supersale every week and stock canned as well. But now I am learning how to CAN using the pressure canner and mason jars so that takes this game to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

We pick up things such as sugar, quality sea salt, beans, baking soda, baking powder, yeast assorted sugars, and honey almost weekly if the prices are great. Because we are just starting we do not mix our preps with our every day eats. Let's say that long grain rice is 4lbs for .96 cents this week. I will buy 24lbs - store 20 lbs and then leave 4 lbs in our everyday eats. If cabbage is 6lbs for 1 dollar - i buy 12 lbs - hold back 1 cabbage for our eats and dehydrate/pickle the rest.

The food preps are really my area of 'management' but in the beginning I would ask Mr. Man what he thought of this or that and he finally laughed and said,"Look when SHTF I'm going to eat anything you make - and I just ran with it." On top of the basics - we included some convenience foods like instant tortilla mix - just add water (2 kilos / $1.49), cornbread mixes, pancake mixes, biscuit mixes, canned soups and tomato sauce, oatmeal, honey, peanut butter, hot chocolate packets, pure cocoa powder, marshmallows etc - and we fortified all of our herbs, tea and coffees. I also started making zests from lemon and orange and dehydrating those.

Ok so we got all that out of the way and knocked down our initial goal anything from that point is for variety or potential trade. I've always done all of our cooking and all of our shopping. So I know the rotation of sale prices and I know who has the best of what. I can confidently say that our prepping budget has been about 500 bucks a month. Some months even less but because I have my eye on special sales - we have "fresh" food in our preps.

This prepping thing is not easy. But this prepping thing is a bit addicting and a bit fun.

About a month ago I started stocking up our toiletries. the Mr. posted it on his youtube channel about Food Storage on a Budget. It included some of our Toiletries and Medicine cabinet. Well some clown on his page mentioned that we should make our own toothpaste and blah blah our sunscreen is full of chemicals and THEN went on about the diet soda in our cabinet. First of all - others live here too and it's not our soda - if they want to drink aspartame they are grown ass people and can do such. Second of all, don't talk shit and criticize if you don't have any suggestions (besides a damn website) - and FINALLY, in these times - it is a luxury for us to learn to make our own toiletries on TOP of doing food preps, medical preps, gear preps and learning survival skills. I find that to even be an ARROGANT suggestion that we be "green" about our toiletry preps. Look Clown: we've been using toothpaste and shampoo this long - 1 more year in is not going to hurt us and there are more pressing matters than you distracting people from the ROOT message of what the Mr. is saying.

Having said that - I started with the isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls, cotton buds and assorted bandages for the medicine toolbox. I then moved onto toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, soap and lotion. I also figured out that Walgreens has really got these deals where you buy 2 bottles of soap and get a 5 buck store credit and just keep rotating it by buying sale things with coupon things and you are walking out with heaps of merchandise for under 2 bucks at most. The key is just to have them ring up stuff separately. After I got all that sorted out - I started working on vitamins and winter clothes.

We're in a pretty comfortable place, at least where we don't have to worry anymore.

It is great not to worry - because my 2 Moms (Country Momma and GodMomma) are in town and it's nice to spend time with them and not be hyper focused on the preps. I did get kind of butthurt by my Mom (see below) when she asked about my preps (I know the sibs snitched) and she CHUCKLED and said "child, if the world will end then we can't fight that - if it is our time it is our time..." I laughed and said,"if it is my time to go naturally i will go happily, but if I will not count on strangers in these days of disaster."

Meanwhile time keeps on tickin' and Mom keeps on chopping! Haha.


  1. Super deal on the asparagus! I'll be waiting to see how canning it goes. I've never tried canning asparagus, but then we always end up eating it all before I get a chance!

  2. Madame Mush told me canning makes it too Mushy - so I think i will can half and try to dehydrate half - goodness

  3. A BIG blessing on food prepping is reading how it's bring your family together. You have a goal and a working relationship that you can share. The older generation is help you out and also perhaps remembering how it was done what they were younger. win win

  4. @Bre1313 - I wish my 2 Moms had helped me but it's(canning) not their forte - fortunately I have surrogate Mom's in the American Preppers Chat!