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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Things Used to Be...In my pre Prepper days.

I got home from my 7am class this morning and spied a white bag on my desk. I guess one of my favorite Aunties had sent me a birthday gift. Actually she's just glamorous like that and sends you gifts anyways...A lot of my favorites are not my purchases but her gifts. It was a great surprise but I looked at it almost wistfully.

Before I started getting into prepping - I loved nice things. And since I have no children and no real responsibilities I could always get what ever caught my fancy somehow or someway. Until this morning I didn't even think of these things or get caught up in the acquisition of non purposeful things. It is simply a reminder of my old life.

After class I stopped at the local store and picked up 20 lbs of rice, 5 lbs of lentils and 18 lbs of pinto beans - for a whopping 19 bucks. LOL. I could have gone for more beans but my cute shoes were not feeling cute. I was more excited than anything to bag and tag my haul.

This shit really changes you by having clear definition of "need."

How you used to "want" for things is a thing of the past.

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