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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Walgreens Hustle...

Okay so basically we have a Walgreens down the street and we go there to pick up meds and snacks or whatever en route to school or work. A couple months ago - I looked through their ads and thought hey I could use some of this stuff. Well around the same time I went to purchase some feminine products from another store b/c I had a raincheck and the girl said oh if you buy this Colgate today you get 100% back to use towards something else.

Well this is nothing new - I've heard people talk about this in various prepper blogs and never really thought about it until the girl mentioned the toothpaste. This is the other thing - it is not applicable towards alcohol or cigarettes but if the cashier knows you she usually lets you slide. I know of 3 people at my store who will let me slide and that is the time I adjust my purchases to include Beer.

I was discussing this with Trunz and it seems a bit confusing how I get my deals. So I stopped by the Walgreens after my 7am class since I had spied some Salmon I wanted to buy.

First step is scan the ads for the phrase below REGISTER REWARDS...sometimes they are not very good - but generally i look for the cost to be 99cents to 0 cents. Today I happen to find something (hand soap) that we don't really keep in storage but would never hurt to have a couple.

The second step is to find something that is a real STEAL. I found these large cans of Salmon on sale for $1.49 with coupon. At Walgreens the regular on these is like 3.79 and at other stores the average price for these is 2.99. Of course it is limit 3 but the expiration is JULY 2015 yay.

The 3rd step is to check any other little coupons that you might want/need to store. I spied gloves at 2/$1. I have used these before - don't buy a ton if you haven't used them before. They work really well for the price and do not tear when you wash dishes or scrub. So I add a couple of these to the list since I already have like 6 at home.

So you say - what if there are no coupons that you like - what will you do with the rebate?
Well Walgreens has peroxide regular price 2 for $1 and Epsom salt 4lbs for $2...or you can browse the store and find something at a low price to add to your preps - even if it's just candy bars. Whatever the case you can spend it or use it within 2 weeks.

So below is my total take. 10 items = $12.81 , average price per item is $1.28. Which doesn't seem very inexpensive until you take into account that it's 6 cans of salmon.

So I bring my little basket to the register and tell the girl,"I'm going to have these rung up separately..." She said okay no problem.

The first purchase was actually the soap with rebate and gloves with coupon.
First receipt is $4.37 (our tax is 9,8% in our neighborhood), and it loads me with a $2 coupon.

My second purchase is 3 cans of salmon with coupon and $2 rebate.
Total paid is $2.58

My 3rd purchase is soap with rebate $3.28 which again gives me a $2 coupon.

My last purchase is salmon with another coupon and paid with rebate - $2.58

Now...this seems like a LOT of work - but it isn't - all you have to do is pay attention. If I would have bought all of this it should have been $31.50 including tax. But what I paid was $12.81. I normally get a much better deal as my things average about .45-.60 cents a piece, but today the item was Salmon and I have no regret at all because we needed a bit of it in our stores.

The other thing is that some weeks they have a special INSERT in their weekly ad (by the front registers when you enter) and it usually has 6-8 items with Register rewards - always look for that hee hee.

Happy Shopping and Keep Prepping.


  1. Hey thanks for the great tips! I never knew really how to do this.

  2. No problem...I will try to post my little deal tips along the way - well after I post my SHTF recipe of the week. lol

  3. Love what your doing!
    check out my
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    I think we are on the same wave length.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more