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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Burnt the *bleep* Out...

Last week was just OUT of control at school. It was the last week of my 8 week psychology class and full throttle for my 5 wk english class, with a midterm in math and a test in Bioethics and Philosophy. Plus it was the week before Spring Break so every instructor was slamming you so they didn't have much to grade over the week or they were off to Europe.

The good news is - after all that aggravation and loss of sleep I have all A's. Can you believe it? Including MATH - all A's. I did put in the work but it was nice to finally see it. So the good news is at least all I have to do is maintain my grades. Oh and this transvestite looking girl was trying to HIGH SIDE and SHOWOFF that they got a 93 in philosophy, I laughed and said yeah so did we and we don't have a 3rd in our group. Then the Math instructor handed back the Math tests and he told me,"looks like you have the highest grade in the class - 95% for the test and the class" I turned around and looked at transvestite girl and said what'd you get? And she didn't say anything.

Now normally , I don't judge people on their looks -- but...she's annoying. She spends the entire class talking in this whiny crying little voice about her makeup, her hump buddies, or whatever and then she' GIGANTIC - i mean like a viking chick not like fat - and I am waiting for her to throw me like a discus in the Olympics yet she insists on talking in this little girl voice. See that's what you get. Keep talking about that stuff while I pay attention.

<-- so this was my weekly take last week. 20 bucks. the pasta was 6 for $1 (expiration 2014), the tortilla mix was $1.49. Onions and Yams 5 lbs for $1, eggs were $1.79, vinegar $2.79. Amazing Haul. Because the eggs are for our everyday use not storage and part of the onions are for our everyday cooking. Amazing that I can still find deals. But this weeks deals are crappy.

We went to the Asian store and picked up some Japanese food items in case they reduce exports because they will redirect efforts to restoring their country from disaster. We made sure to pick up specialty green teas, sake, soy sauce, green tipped rice, wasabi and dried kelp and seaweed. The hot sauce, chili sauce, and mung bean are just for extra storage. It is absolutely unbelievable - the regular food items at this Asian Store (leelee's supermarket - bastids) have gone up 150% yes - from 1.09 to 2.99 a bottle on most things. Those beans used to be 70 cents a bag, they are now 2.00. Simply unbelievable. It made me a bit irate. But I will also go next weekend to a bigger store on the East Valley where they have more competition and better prices. And I need to hit up my favorite Korean Market.

Well my psych professor and now friend Sarah gave me a box and a half of oranges. hahahaha what am I supposed to do with that many oranges. I bounced it off the preppers chat room and one of the ladies said marmalade, and someone said candied orange peel. Which led me to...

< -- Saucy's adventures in canning. I asked some experienced people how to's and picked up a book and my little sister picked me up 2 canning books at the Border's going out of business sale - picked up a small (16 qt canner) and ordered a large canner - and just started doing it. That will be my next blog. It costs a bit to start but later it will just cost you lids. It doesn't hurt and I like learning new things and changing it up a bit.
You know you are tired of loading cans and such in your cart when you just break down and start buying things in 6 lb cans. Truth be told these are cheaper at 3.23 a can as opposed to the $1 average on a small can.

I also decided to just buy sugar in 25lb bags. At the walmart they are only 11.70 a bag here which is considerably cheaper than buying the smaller ones. Also they have started selling hard wheat there - both red and white ($13 and $11) respectively. Strange days to see whole wheat at a grocery store like walmart.

While I'm studying, and cooking, and canning - my sister is about to leave for Hawaii to meet my Mom and Godmother and my Cousin - so of course I have to make a batch of cookies because my family never wants anything more than that. And i also have to make brownies with cream cheese frosting - imagine that - if you stock this stuff in your preps you can have cookies and brownies - haha.

So for the last 3 days I have been so exhausted I don't even want to get out of bed. Because I've got so much going on and I'm still advanced studying and we were behind on the household chores, it was a weekend of "catch up" Then right as I think i've caught up - I remember I ordered 30 buckets from our dude - haha and I had to get up early this morning and clean them. But at least we are there. Of course we could get them for free at the grocers but we couldn't get 30 at once that are relatively clean and only have a faint pickle smell. But now they are here and I have washed them then the Mr. will rinse them and we will let them air dry for a couple days and they will be ready. Time to bag and tag our purchases so to speak.

So while I was out in the backyard - I looked at my plants. I had previously murdered the plants I tried to sprout from seed, i "lodged" them according to the prepping Guru - Madame Mushroom. This means I over-watered them and they weren't getting enough sun and they got tall and spindly and fell over. She suggested I treat the soil with hydrogen peroxide and try again. So about a week ago I did.

Loook, I have growth! The cucumber, swiss chard and something else is growing! - the tape fell off. haha.

And a funny thing happened.

I had put all the soil from the peat pots in one bucket - put the solution on it and mixed it with more organic soil - I just figured the seeds were dead. So I looked down in the bucket - and there is spinach and lettuce growing - haha FUNNY. Welcome to my Ghetto Garden.

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