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Monday, March 7, 2011

I got 'Yo Tinfoil Hat Right here Pal...

So I'm studying...and I get a text from Mr. Man asking me to make him a tin foil hat.

Lol Okay - no problem it will take like 10 minutes.
I send him the pic and he replies,"Awesome, thanks."

I think I already know where this is going for him - He's got a Vlog - I think he is just sick and tired of all the Pshaws, naysayers and Whatevers. Because basically we don't gain anything by telling people to store away a little food, check your ammo stores and have a first aid kit. We gain absolutely nothing. We aren't trying to "SCARE" anyone either - coz we aren't scared, coz we have almost everything we need in case of an emergency or whatever - and that includes having each other.

This weekend alone gas went up another 25 cents a gallon and almost everything in the store was 40-50 cents more. If people are just stocking up now - I feel bad for you. If you are just stocking up now and we warned you months ago - that's what you bastids get. I feel most sorry for the little childrens parents who don't even give a shit enough to store a months worth of eats in the house, much less medicine, first aid or even shoes in increasing sizes -- oh but you bougie hoes have the latest coach purse huh and your mac makeup that don't even help your ugly ass.

How about we naysay STUPIDITY.

People feel entitled to stuff - and I'm here to tell you, no one wants to give you shit, help you with shit nor do they GIVE a shit. This morning in my 7am class these 3 girls figured out they were dropped from class WEEKS ago due to absences and tardiness. I was laughing my ass off because they had been coming to class for weeks at 7am for no reason at all. Then they tried to fuss at the professor and accusingly asked him,"why didn't you tell us?" I looked at those bubbleheads and said,"that's not his job - it's his job to teach those of us who want to be here..." They STILL pressed on and said,"he should have told us..." and thing like that. I laughed even harder and said,"If you weren't courteous enough to show up, why should he show courtesy to your ass." and they Left. Hahahhaha. Gooood Shit. But yeah - what makes them entitled to that - squash that noise...because if I'm running interference you will get your feelings hurt.

Some of our friends have started preparations and some have not. Our policy still stands about SHTF situations; if you come to our door empty handed, don't come at all.

But yeah... this is his tin Foil hat, golf style. Coz if the aliens do come - haha - we can turn their planet into a driving range. Bastids.


  1. I love this post (I love all your posts) but this one is just SO great. Every time I visit I have to laugh right out loud while I am nodding my head. It's too bad we live so far apart!

  2. lol ditto - i wish you lived nearby too! Then maybe i wouldn't keep killing my seedlings - of course the vegetables didn't grow but the tobacco sure did - HAHA.

  3. hey chica it's me JOLIEDRKSC0RPIO from youtube...i just LOVE your blog. To me, (your posts)compared to your videos on YT they're unedited and raw and i freaking love it.