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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ghetto Garden Update - week 4, March

Ghetto Garden Update - wk 4 march.

So I took a look at them last night - and some of the pots had 4-6 plants per pot and decided that today I would have to split them up and let them get bigger before I move them to buckets. I don't even know if this is how you are supposed to do it - but i'm doing it this way because I need them to be strong before I move them to their final destination.

Keep in Mind I've never had anything other than houseplants.

The yellowbeans are looking good in this terracotta pot that I moved them too so I'm just letting them get bigger - they aren't doing as well as the guys in the plastic plants and they are older but at least they are still here. I killed the first batch that I tried to germinate inside by drowning them. So it's a real struggle not to keep watering them - instead I mist them to get that watering urge out of my system

The ones below I split into 2 pots since they were had a lot less roots - I guess i'll just keep the best looking ones and get the beans from those.

The butternut squash had 3 seedlings crowded into one so I split them into individual pots and buried them to the neck to force more roots to come out from the stems. Yay butternut squash.

The cucumber were growing 4-5 per I put them together in this triple planter. I was hesitant to just kill off any of them since they are so small and I have no idea how to pick which I will move to buckets - i might just move them all. Who knows. I will ask the seasoned ladies in the room and work it out.

I left the transplanted ones closer to the pool where the sun was hitting and it was warmer...Um - and you turn your back for one second...

And "someone" will bite off some of the leaves!

Bad GIRL! She already yanked the bean seedlings and drug them across the yard last week - but as you can see they made it. Crazy doggie!

So this is pretty fun - and a small investment of my time - a few minutes a day. It's also part of prepping - because you can't live off of stored food forever and you must at least learn to grow something. There are a LOT of people out there buying 'survival seeds' who have no idea how to grow them - or who don't even have any dirt or fertilizer or compost or pots. The dirt, fertilizer and pots are crucial here in the desert because you can't just plant stuff in your yard and it works out - it takes some creativity around here. Even if i just get good at cucumber and beans - I can always trade with someone who is good at tomatoes and potatoes know what I mean?

Try it, keep at it, Keep Prepping!

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